The Usurper

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The ego identity is quite the cunning fox. It will take anything that comes up – events, feelings, thoughts, and intuitions – and bend them to suit its story. The ego loves doubt as that gives it a way to fork the direction of thinking. Shift it to its own agenda.

What is it we call this ego agenda? Expectations.

Our shadow stories about how we feel it ‘is’ are rooted in the illusory past. The flip side of the story is the expectation. This is the shadow plan for the future. How we think it “should” be. Both story and expectation are mental constructs that keep us occupied in the agenda. They usurp our presence in the moment and thus our lasting happiness.

Of course, we can’t avoid these. The mind feels it has to have a story about everything and an expectation (or worry) about whats to come. The key is in recognizing this is taking place and seeing it for what it is. When we can simply see this mental drama taking place, we can begin to step out of it. Without our investment in the drama, it soon looses energy and dissipates. Even doubt only has the power you give it with your attention.

Some of those stories and expectations are more deeply rooted. We think we’ve moved past such and so, then some minor idea or intuition suddenly becomes a big conflict – either internally or externally with someone else.

Just see that this is the game of the usurper and the jig will be up.


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