Whats next?

Whats next?

People have been speaking a great deal about whats going to happen. The Mayan calendar appears to be predicting an end times, 2012, and all that. There is an obvious acceleration in growth taking place. So the question arises, whats going to happen?

Recently, I spoke about the 2 Mayas. How there are 2 dreams to wake from as we grow to higher states of awareness.

If you remember that the world arises from consciousness but that its not from your or my consciousness but rather Our consciousness, then we can see the changes coming will happen as a result of changes to the many. Which is the changes to the many ones.

I’ve observed that many people are waking up now, loosing the first illusion about the individual. The second waking is the loss of the 2nd Maya, the illusion of the world. But the world only briefly “disappears” while we discover whats really real and how what we’ve perceived to be real is not what we once thought.

When enough people have that second shift thats now evidently begun en masse, thats when you’ll see the world “disappear”. Only it won’t actually go anywhere. All that changes is that we see it as it is and always was finally. Many of the worlds great teachers have spoken about this.

Its just a change in consciousness and the resulting change in perspective we’re talking about. And we all know that changes everything (laughs)

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