Ran into something interesting today, from a Brazilian contact. Its called Switchwords, basically a seed word to trigger a specific result. Like for finding keys or getting a ride.

This is not unlike the idea of a root mantra, but more targeted at need. A one word affirmation, in certain ways. Some people evidently swear by it.

Its also worth noting the process of Samyama, outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra. Basically if you combine Self-awareness with open allowing consciousness, then have a specific thought, the result will occur. Much the same way, these are not about trying.

The web site [has been taken over by someone else – see comments]

I checked on Amazon. Evidently the 30 years out-of-print original book is now available again, republished this year by the authors grandson. Its called “The Secret of Perfect Living” by James T. Mangan. It evidently has a ’60’s writing style.

My friend said the online discussion group had gotten too much into rules rather than just finding your process.

Let me know if you find any results…

NOTE: the original author died and the web site migrated to someone else. Browse Comments for suggestions.

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  1. OK, I’m baaaack. I downloaded the free portion of the e-book, and perhaps I didn’t heed your warning about trying! It’s a challenge (for me) to say the word without attachment to results. I’ve tried dowsing rods and my pendulum in similar situations, and they seem to work better, but that may be because I’m more familiar with them.
    A question I had–and perhaps it’s explained in the book–is how can the same set of words work for everyone the same way? Words are loaded with a lot of baggage, not to mention cultural background, etc. Yet the author seems to be saying that the words are universal. I will play with this some more, and I appreciate the new tool.

  2. David

    Actually its one of lifes big lessons. Trying is the egos attempt to force. Allowing is a tuning into the flow. Having the thought or word and just letting it go allows it to have its effect. Holding it and trying will have little effect.
    Many people try with little things first where the results don’t matter as much. Then its easier to get past attachment to consequence. (indeed its that hardest attachment to release)
    The person who suggested it is Brazilian so English is a second language. Works well for her. I suspect its not the word itself but what it symbolizes that is the trigger. She gets visual clues sometimes even though she resists that ability. And theres no reason once you get the idea that you couldn’t experiment with other words. The author obviously did that, adding to the original book.

  3. Davidya

    Hi Shilpan
    It looks like they’ve let their domain expire. May have changed his email address and doesn’t know.

    hmm – the site is quoted in a number of places. There’s a couple of places that offer the book, but as an executable file. Thats a little unnecessary to me and I’d caution people from downloading executables from unknown sources.

    This site has a list of Switchwords you can print. With a free PDF printer like PrimoPDF, you can print it to searchable file:

    heres a longer list:
    They also mention technique at the bottom.

    I notice in a Google search that there is forums and groups for this. A little browse should find you technique. Its pretty simple. I’ll send you the PDF I downloaded earlier.

  4. Kat Miller

    Unfortunately, Shunyam Nirav passed on at the end of March 2008. His significant other has had difficulty keeping things straight with the Switchwords.com website, and it has been up and down a lot since his passing.

    However, there is a copy of the Switchwords electronic book available for download at the Switchwordsgroup that Nirav set up on Yahoo, which I currently moderate.
    You will find the book in the files section at the group:

    I know this is an old string, but perhaps this information will be helpful for others in the future.


      1. Hi Shyamala
        I removed your address from the comment as it’s not a good idea to post it on public sites.

        Kat’s comment was from 8 years ago so she may not get this. Also, an admin cannot add people to the group. You have to opt in per rules.

        If you sign in to Yahoo, then go to the Yahoo group, you’ll see a “Join Group” button. Depending on the group, they may ask you questions to confirm you’d be a fit. (not sure here) Depending on how active the group is, you should get a green light within a few hours or days.

  5. Davidya

    Hi Kat
    Thanks for the Tip. This article continues to get hits every day, so there is an obvious demand for it.

    To access the above link, you’ll need to join the group, which is free. As I note in the article, my friend found the group too into rules. You may enjoy it though.

    To me, the idea is to find ‘seed words’ that trigger results for you. A way to get past the surface mind and use deeper, less bound, facilities. Don’t get too caught by concepts.

  6. The web site mentioned in the article has since been taken over by someone else. They offer their own book on Switchwords there – have no idea how much it aligns with the original.

    The grandsons book is still on Amazon, along now with many others. Even some guy with a series, taking it in all kinds of other directions.

    1. Hi Sushma
      The original links are over 11 years old and are invalid now. I removed them from the article. If you’d like the PDF, it is likely still available in Files in the Yahoo group which is free to join.

      These sites talk about the technique:

      These sites list Switchwords:

      And of course you can support the authors family by buying the book mentioned in the article.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie!
      The Preview is low quality but that may just be the way Scribd works now. For other readers, this is a subscription model site. Unlimited downloads with membership. There’s a few other related documents as well.

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