Whats Goin’ On?

Whats Goin’ On?

Recently, people have been sending me emails said to be from time travelers, ascended masters, and such. But the words of those “masters” reveals they are not. They have only a partial view of reality and current events. Here is a response to a recent one:
Other parts of time are not other dimensions. Otherwise we’d have to change dimensions to move through time, like remembering something. And if they were different frequencies, we’d run out of frequency space. Or the energy levels required to sustain the illusion would get stupidly high.

Time by itself is a dimension that you can move specific attention across, like space, but actually doesn’t exist as a linear thing. Time is only now. In that sense, it is then just a shift in attention to move through time, just like looking up moves you through space. The overview is not some other dimension, its simply consciousness itself.

Its not complicated. And if the guy was ascended, he would know this. And if he understood, he would not complicate it with physics of illusions. He reveals his experience through his words and he doesn’t have the full picture. Other layers are not other dimensions, they are different values of the same space. To see them otherwise is to see them separate when they are not. All space and time is concurrent.

What changes with the Shift he speaks about is not frequency, its resolution. The resolution of our perception. Reality does not change, just our perception of it. We lose the fog of awareness and we release barriers we have created in our attachments and resistances. Our ego-created cage falls away and a much bigger world opens up. We remember who we really are and much of our old stories about that drop away as illusions.

Time travel does not affect causality because true causality runs beneath time. When we drop our attachments and release those knots of illusion, the threads of our story release and the mesh of our illusions collapses. We change our history and the history of those we’ve been connected to. And thats without time travel. But that is not real causality. That is the illusion collapsing.

And, no it is not coming to the ‘Inbreath of God’. The universe is not due for dissolution for a great deal more time. It is about to make a shift up in a long cycle of Yugas though. We live in a remarkable time.

PS – I’m not saying I know all or anything. Just I know better  😉

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  1. I love your posts, as always. The Campbell quote is beautiful prose as well as endless truth. The Karma post is most provocative. I simply had to comment on this one! I too, have heard lots of stories of time travel, and believe we can only truly travel in consciousness. But time is fluid and flexible and we can affect it and observe past and future events in our thoughts. We do indeed live in a remarkable “time”!

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