The Witness

The Witness

“Your Witness

You may not have ever considered this truth – there is always a part of you that watches how your personality lives life. It’s always noticing! You are aware of this witness when you do something like overreacting to what someone says or you are on a diet and you notice yourself opening the fridge door to finish that piece of cake. Part of you knows you shouldn’t but you do it anyway. There is always this witness, the mind of your higher self that notices how you relate to life.

Perhaps you have watched yourself engaged in some destructive behaviour patterns that cause you pain or suffering. If you want to live a more fulfilling life you need to uncover or reveal the limiting, unconscious parts of your personality that cause your difficulties.

Great News

Our aim is to awaken the witness that has the power of noticing without the reactivity of judgment one way or the other. Our work then is to view life from the neutral position. Developing this neutral witness will transform our lives in amazing ways – this is how we evolve. This is what being centered means – nothing pulls you off center. Things are as they are – no need for judgment of any kind. This brings great freedom.

The greatest news is that the neutral witness is actually your connection to your Sacred Self, to Universal Consciousness. As you learn to experience life as the witness or observer, you are not attached to how things should be, and you open the way for Infinite Intelligence to be your constant companion. As you allow the inner witness to awaken, the Sacred Self brings you to experience an awareness of life where Infinite Intelligence flows through all your experiences as it guides you in the creation of your ideal life. With awareness you can experience all the blessings of a wonderful life. Your intellect may not understand how your life becomes so abundant in every way. Even though your intellect may not yet understand it, you experience it through your awareness

Wayne Dyer in his book, Your Sacred Self, writes, “You can be one of those thousands of enlightened humans. This will happen as you discover the nature if your true self, and relegate the part of yourself that is centred on the physical to the background, where it belongs. From there it can cheer you on and support your higher self rather than act in ways that sabotage your true spiritual essence. The whole business of a sacred quest is real, and you can know it, love it and cherish it. Once you do, you will never want to go back to any way of living that is inconsistent with your divine, though invisible self.”

Much Love and Blessings on your spiritual journey!
Revs. Austin and Mary Hennessey”

From DYNAMIC LIVING INSIGHTS #238, a weekly newsletter of the Spiritual Centre for Dynamic Living

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