Modes of Transportation

Modes of Transportation

Magic Ball by Sam Bald
Magic Ball by Sam Bald

Forms of transportation develop a lot through the ages.

You have basic transportation like walking, carts, and horseback riding.

Then we have wind powered devices like windmills and sail boats.

Then there are machines using explosive force, like steam, internal combustion engines, and rockets.

On a similar track are electric motors, many of which will now supplant the less efficient and dirtier combustion engines because of modern battery tech.

Yet to be rediscovered are coherent magnetic devices. They are to magnetism what lasers are to light and create what are effectively independent gravitational fields. Moving the fields allows quick, safe transport. (I worked with them in a prior life.) They described these in the Vedas as Vimanas, although the core texts have been lost and existing texts are dreadfully misunderstood.

Described in texts like the Yoga Vasishtha and Yoga Sutra is yogic flying. This one requires some mastery of the elements so you can “lighten” the body enough to move it with just intention.

Recently, Malika showed me how beings travel between galaxies at very high speeds. Essentially, you withdraw your physical expression into your energy body, then you can move rapidly over vast distances with attention and intention. Comet-style, we might say, but much faster. Unlike astral travel, you take your body with you.

And there’s the ability to put your attention anywhere within consciousness (everywhere). In Unity stage, you can experience through another being anywhere, in any time. With skill, you can unmanifest the body here and remanifest it there. Have not seen this done, but it’s technically possible and is described in the Puranas.

All of this is to illustrate that life is very different in different ages. Even within our own age, life is very different than it was just a couple of generations ago. I live on the coast. There are many small communities that have been abandoned in the move to cities, something that characterizes Dwapara yuga, the energy age.

The production of power is going greener and becoming less centralized. Solar is now cheaper than coal. Many can become a power producer rather than a consumer.

We can now make video calls globally for the cost of a phone. More information is available to us, faster, than the largest libraries of my youth. We can take our connection anywhere on the planet, including on fast-moving vehicles like planes.

These developing technologies are going to have a tremendous impact on the way we live, work, and have fun. Already people are choosing new ways to work and places to live. I look forward to a fuller unfolding.

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  1. Peter Goodman

    Thank you David … All possibilities made manifest through Higher States of Consciousness. What a time for another existence for growth. First, for the Initial Unmistakable Awakening. Then the refinements.
    Thank you for your clarity.
    You are a Blessing to all who have found their way to your “side”, your blog. For your insights. For your explanations for future possibilities, within this nervous system . This nervous system we have on loan from Being (in our mistaken identification to the limitations of the small body mind). , This nervous system to become the Nervous System for Being to “discover” Itself as this nervous system. For the possibilities of a life in Enlightenment, fully Awake, exploring those possibilities that unfold, blossom so Being can enjoy its Creation top to bottom, inside and outside, without limitation.

    So exciting.
    Waiting without anticipation or expectation- AS BEST I CAN. Using the tools, at my disposal, to do what I can with what I have to move from awakening to Awakened.

    1. Hi Peter
      Right. I can mention that not everyone will be able to do all of what I describe, even in a high age. We’ll continue to have our own skill set. But, as Maharishi suggested, we’ll have amazing technology too.

      It’s not just about refinement but bringing that awakening forward into all levels of our being. We awaken in consciousness, then eventually awaken the body.

      The amazing part is it’s not going to be about awakening individuals (as now) but awakened society. It’s all of us together. And we’ll meet people who enhance our silence, who enhance our skills, who enhance our insights.

      (laughs) I continue to be inspired by the potential I see in rising consciousness.

      The only difference between there and now is time, and time is just a perspective. Even that can be healed. 🙂

  2. Lewis R.

    You mention that you worked on moving the fields in a previous life. Curious as to whether, then, you experienced higher states of consciousness and in this lifetime “reawakened” it or whether everything you’ve experienced in this life is new. Tesla I’ve heard talked about pulling energy straight out of the atmosphere. The solar, wind, and battery replacements also have pollution problems and have negative effects on the environment, especially killing birds and disturbing wildlife. Frankly, I thought that the “Mr. Fusion” ting from “Back to the Future” would have been a reality by now. A great saint eithr Maharishi or Neem Karoli Baba once said that the power of thought was much faster than the speed of light . Can take us anywhere, Perhaps that is what we are getting to….

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