A “major incident” took place at my web host early Saturday, taking down over a dozen servers and deleting thousands of web sites, including this one. Sounds like a hack. They had to do a full restore from backups of the servers. This takes quite a bit of time, which is why the web site was down so long. I do have my own backup system but that can’t restore to a blank server. This also took down email.

Such an incident is extremely unusual. The host guarantees a 99.9% uptime and it’s usually been very reliable.

Curiously, this entire episode took place during an online retreat. The web site went silent as I did.

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  1. Judi Henry

    I’m curious as to the possibilities of the symbolism involved in the Timing of the event, David. This could have occurred at any time, yet it was during a time you’d set aside for an online retreat… can’t help but wonder at the message to you (and why). Thanks for reading this.

    Please don’t feel you need to respond. It feels like it could have deeper meanings on different levels for one like you who probes Life so deeply, so I thought I’d toss the thought in there for you to consider some more. (And thanks for continually inspiring me and making this extended and enforced spiritual retreat we call Covid-19 so very happy and helpful!!)

    1. Hi Judy
      Yes, sometimes events are designed to have us see things or encourage a direction. Like ‘it’s time to retire’ or ‘time to change web hosts.’ Other times, they can simply be the play of karma. If we’re responding appropriately, these will have a sense of completion or resolution. In conjunction with a retreat where a large % are awake, it can be collective purification. All sorts of curious issues can come up for people before or during. Strange tech issues are not uncommon.

      Nature itself is very comprehensive. In this example, I think it was the latter here as I was neutral about it and it all sorted itself out. I just had to repost the next article. However, for some this same incident will be karmic, like in having to rebuild your web site from scratch. And for others, this will be a message to make changes.

      Key is the feeling value. That points to the type of signal and what, if anything, needs doing.

      You’re welcome!

  2. A week later, the host is in the process of recovering servers whose sites and backup were both deleted (undeleting). A slow process. I had an external backup so could restore the site to a new server as required. But it sorted itself out within 48 hours.

    It does remind me how fragile and ephemeral the digital world is.

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