The Pace of Change

The Pace of Change

Many people experience the world speeding up. This is partly an effect of our perception of time. As we shift through the decades, our metabolism gradually slows and time seems to go by faster*. This causes the pace of change to seem to increase.

However, technology is also speeding up change. Many of us have seen the demise of steno pools, switchboard operators, typists, telex operators, and more. Contacting people in another city has shifted from “snail mail” and “long distance” to nearly instant global communications. Thomas Frey predicted 5 years ago that half of all current jobs will disappear by 2030. Some of those predictions are already showing up. Another talk describes the related “clean disruption” coming to transportation and energy over the next 5-10 years. Many other arenas are seeing similar shifts. Truck drivers, teachers, order pickers, car mechanics, restaurant counter staff, cashiers, meter readers, the list goes on and on.

Adding to the equation is the opening in consciousness. As group consciousness changes, our perceptions shift. That changes our choices and actions. When a small but significant portion of a population shifts, the whole thing changes. What is important for people, what they need, and what they spend their money on will evolve. Look at the dramatic and sudden shift in how organizations are responding to misogyny.

When we learn to get out of the way, our own growth can dramatically accelerate, especially after awakening. Sometimes we can ask ourselves “what’s real today?” but by this time we’re very much used to it. We live life as an adventure in discovery and growth with new vistas continuing to unfold.

Life itself becomes like a blooming flower.

* I made a documentary on this in film school  🙂


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  1. Jim

    Greetings, David – I recall Maharishi Mahesh Yogi talking about how Cosmic Consciousness, the identity shift from self to Self, would be a *minimum* requirement in what he termed, ‘The Age Of Enlightenment’ (or in ordinary terms, a time when humans would reach a paradigm shift to noticeably easier net positive evolution). We are within that and fast approaching even an ‘escape velocity’ into uncharted fulfillment, as you demonstrate through the examples here.

    Thank you. It behooves us all to get ahead of the curve. 🙂

    1. Hi Jim
      Yes, but it doesn’t require everyone to have made the shift. Just enough people who have, supplemented by some who have gone deeper and embody it further. Then group consciousness would be high enough that most would live life as if in CC.

      It’s been happening faster than I expected. But yes, best if we’re one of the lights. Then it will be fuller and richer and we’ll be supporting the process and being supported. Not to mention ahead of the curve in purification. 🙂

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