Healing Affinity

Healing Affinity

Once we move past our “own” junk post-awakening, it becomes apparent that there is still lots of collective junk to clean up. As this cleaning or healing will improve quality of life for most everyone, it’s worthwhile.

However, I’ve observed that what one person cleans up can differ from someone else. We don’t clean up everything. Instead, we process and resolve those things we have an affinity for.

Say we’ve experienced and healed trauma associated with rejection. Even though healed, we now have an affinity or familiarity with that style of energy. Once we’re well awake, we can process collective rejection stress without taking it on, taking it personally, or getting caught by it. We just filter the river of experience flowing by.

This helps heal the collective experience of rejection, improving the quality of life for all. Deep enough and it also clears the collective memory too. When the charge is resolved, the memory becomes neutral.

It turns out what Eckhart Tolle called the “pain body” isn’t personal. It’s collective. Because energetic sludge and contraction is the mechanism for karma that also belongs to the collective. We experience it as personal only because of memory associations and identification with this form.

There never was personal junk. We’ve always been adding our baggage to the collective, energetically polluting the commons much as we trash our physical environment. When we expand the container of experience and take on a more universal vantage point, this becomes clear.

Happily, the collective isn’t cosmic. Most of creation exists beyond the crud of our unresolved mental and emotional churning. The heavens stand clear.

This points to another reason our challenges can become our strengths. And why it takes many to heal the whole. Not everyone, but with enough on clean-up duty, the experience of everyone rises and the flow of sludge is much reduced.

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  1. N

    Hi David,

    Very interesting. I have a couple of questions :).

    Do you think that Buddha and Jesus came into this life with the intention to experience a certain type of suffering in order to heal a particular part of the collective karma?

    I have heard some people say that their memory disappear more and more as they heal because their memories have lost all of their emotional charge – do you think that is normal?

    Why would life by created so that we should engage in endless healing? I understand that the process gets easier and easier, but I still think it is a strange way to set it up :). It makes more sense to me, if we should learn new ways of being instead of healing all the karma we have in debt. Does my question make sense?


    1. Hi N
      That’s hard to say as the stories about both of them have been “adapted” and bent by history. I don’t think either came to suffer. Rather, they had the potential to flower as lighthouses for humanity. They did well and as a side benefit, helped to heal some of the collective.

      It’s true that with healing, memories lose their emotional charge and thus priority. It can subjectively be experienced as losing memory. But in my experience it’s more about losing noise and drama and settling into a quieter place. If the personality gave importance to our historical dramas, it may experience a bit of loss, but thats temporary.

      I find that whats important is remembered when it needs to be. But whats important has become less. 🙂

    2. On the last question, it’s important to put this in a larger perspective. We’re rising out of a dark age that has produced an extra dose of collective sludge. The work to be done is actually going down, although more of it is rising to the surface to be seen than before.

      The next few years promise some interesting dramas while theres a push to grow.

      It’s also worth noting that awakening itself roasts “mountains” of this backlog. The greater the evolution, the more profound the potency of clearing.

      And each stage brings with it new ways of being. That doesn’t mean we can walk away from our past but it does give us more potent ways of cleaning it up.

      Life is NOT for suffering. But there is a bit of backlog at the moment to be cleaned up so it can be enjoyed more fully. And this isn’t just within. When enough of the sludge is cleared, the divine will begin to show up right on the surface, right in the world.

      Some of the veils have already fallen. The process is well underway. But there is much work to be done. 🙂

  2. Emine

    Thank you Davidya! It gave me hope that the heavens are clear 🙂 The fact that we can help clean the collective junk is another good reason to work on our own junk with speed.

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