In some traditions, one child is sent for religious study, perhaps to be a pandit or priest. Sometimes, this is the oldest son, sometimes the one with the best chart – it depends on the tradition.

While this may have devolved into obligation or keeping the dogma going, its roots are in supporting the family. We’re in this together and having a family member focused on spiritual development enriches both family and community.

If you understand we’re not separate individuals, it soon becomes clear we have spiritual, energetic and even physical connections with a number of people we’re sharing the journey with. Family, partners, friends, and associates galore. Not to mention the connections of our long past.

All humans are slight variations in the same code – DNA, energy pattern, laws of nature, cosmic body. We are one, appearing as many.

Happily, inner being is vastly more potent than the scattered dramas of life. As we progress internally, we move not only ourselves but all associated. We lift the whole basket as we rise. It has been said that full enlightenment lifts not only the immediate connections but 7 generations forwards and back. I’ve seen it go further.

We know from our experience that when big blocks are released, it can overshadow the experience until resolved. We soon learn how to process such things quickly and smoothly. With so many people waking up that same process is appearing in the larger world. But those most deeply in the shadow see their world falling apart instead.

Moving shadows can seem creepy until you realize they’re caused by growing light.

We live in quite remarkable times. But don’t look to the churning on the surface to understand what is unfolding. It’s easy to get caught up in the mess but if you instead turn to yourself and continue building the light, the storms will subside and the paradise already here will show itself.

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  1. Eleanor

    Thanks, David.

    I know in my heart that you are right.

    I am encouraged by your words to further recommit to growing light and actively supporting others in their path. We really can be stronger together, and not just those of us who used that phrase most recently. 😉

    But we can be out there actively choosing powerful loving action toward each other. In a human way, driven by this kind of deeper knowing.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. You’re welcome, Eleanor.

      This all becomes much clearer when I watch the news, then go hang out with a bunch of the awake. Like night and day.

      But it’s also obvious that day is getting stronger. Not so long ago, I could count the number of people I’d met who where awake on one hand. Now there is more I know in Brahman just in my small town. I’ve lost count of the others.

      We live in truly remarkable times.

    1. Hi Michael
      The context varies a little. In my tradition, Self Realization is associated with initial enlightenment and the “Great Awakening” or Brahman with full enlightenment.

      However, for the quote to be true, this would mean unpacking that baggage and embodying the shifts too. That takes time.

      Myself, I keep finding myself back in kindergarten, putting “full” at some future point. We’ll see. (laughs)

  2. K

    Thank you for this sentence, “inner being is vastly more potent than the scattered dramas of life”. I can keep this in mind or stay aware of this when I am on my own or when reading blogs such as this one :-). However, when I meet the general people at work or in my life, it takes effort not to be sucked into their turmoil. So it is easier to stay reclusive especially in times when the outer surface is very turbulent.

    1. Hi K
      Yeah, when you experience the cosmic body, you’re experiencing from the perspective of the body of all bodies in all universes. It makes the fuss of a person rather small.

      But well before that, simply becoming familiar with that inner sense of Amness, of inner being, can bring a center of peace under the surface waves. And with the first awakening, that becomes our anchor, always present.

      Meantime, don’t beat yourself up when you get sucked in. That is actually the nature of the energy of many around us, to draw us into their play. To confirm their story and truth. We could say their energy magnetizes it.

      Becoming conscious of the dynamic allows us to begin to choose.

      Taking a breather from the storms can be healthy. But hiding away doesn’t bring the calm. In fact, it can make us more sensitive.

      In India, they use the analogy of dying the cloth. First you dip the cloth in the coloured dye, then you hang it up to bleach out in the sun. You repeat this until the colour is fast.

      If instead, you leave the cloth soaking in the dye, it will rot. And if you leave it in the sun, it won’t gain colour.

      This is a reference to spiritual practice. We dip within, then we go out into the world and bleach. Repeat and eventually those storms will help make the silence stick around.

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