There never was a time when I was not,
nor you, nor these rulers of men.
Nor will there ever be a time when all of us shall cease to be.
— Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, verse 12

You don’t end. Who you are beneath the noise of the world is eternal. This body and mind you are experiencing the world through come and go, over and over. But what some have called the soul does not end. It does not become fragmented or fractured.

We first know it as pure being, the sense of I Am.

We may well lose sight of it, get lost in the comings and goings of life. But we remain, the in-dweller. Without it, there would be nothing to experience our life with. Nothing to breathe life into this body. Nothing to know laughter and sadness. In fact, when we withdraw from the body, that’s when this life ends and the body dies. But we live on.

This becomes increasingly clear on the spiritual path when our deeper nature becomes more conscious. A sense of continuity arises and we recognize we are always present and always have been.

The soul is our very existence. It is our reference point in wholeness. It is our drop of divinity.

We are endless.

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  1. Jim

    Thank you. Yes, we are deathless. What an endless adventure we inherit, once infinite awareness becomes conscious. Life is appreciated in its most grand and graceful form, simply available for the fulfillment of any and every desire, for everyone we can bless in our awareness. Operating in ever more fullness, always; totality.

    Any of the identities, from cosmic consciousness to unity, can be lived as necessary, as our refinement continues, secure in the deep womb of Brahman. All of the transcendental states are available, as tools, and appropriate templates for ongoing reality. Identification remains secure in Brahman.

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