Smooth Flow

Smooth Flow

There is a way of seeing the world as nothing but the flow of consciousness – of attention and intention. When there is little resistance internally, we are a clear vessel of flow and sattva is high.

When there is resistance, then the flow meets obstacles creating eddies and rapids. Because of the activity, this draws our attention. We notice the rapids rather than the flow.

Think of the analogy of a clear stream. Where it flows smoothly, you can see right through it. But where there is obstacles, the water is churned. What you see is the churning, not the clear stream, nor through it.

The process of refinement of perception is very much related to the gradual shift to smooth flow. Then not only are we aware of divine movement through our life, but that movement is not a barrier to seeing what is beyond it.

Now – the world has an underlying structure that supports form and appearance. That requires boundaries and thus directed flow. The qualities of inertia and energy are needed to support this. So resistance remains inherent in all experiences.

The key is minimizing resistance within so that the surface perturbations are not a barrier to knowing the truth about ourselves and the world. Then we can see the churning but also the clear stream.

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    1. Yes, we’re in a time where such things are highlighted. But not to worry. Life has a habit of bringing things to us to be seen through and released. In a curious way, this is a sign of progress.

      At the time, it can seem like it’s endless or we’re going backwards but it’s just the next layer of the onion…

  1. Amaryllis

    Endless … yes :).

    No-one talks about how ugly it gets when the self-pity (I’m never going to get this ~ wail!) sets in. Thanks David, for shining your lamp in the darkness.

    1. Actually, there are some. Adyashanti, for example. In End of Your World and Falling Into Grace he explores the challenges of the path.

      There is links to 2 batches of articles I did on the books under Teachings on the Key Posts tab.

      As the saying goes, this too shall pass.

  2. Amaryllis

    Thank you :). I actually read The End of Your World when I first ‘discovered’ non duality (in 2009). Back then while reading it, my body was resonating & my mind was going ‘huh??’

    You are right though, that book covers challenges in detail, & I will revisit it, and also thanks for suggesting some of your posts. Really appreciate you, as always.

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