The Sovereign Secret

The Sovereign Secret

Chapter 9 of the Bhagavad Gita is known as the Sovereign (Royal, Raja) Knowledge and Sovereign Mystery (Secret). What is this “secret”?

Unless one recognizes divinity behind all things, we remain deluded about who we are and the nature of our existence. This recognition is from “sitting near” (9:14) – it is something directly experienced, not imagined, made a mood of, or believed.

9:22 “To men who meditate on Me as their Very Own, ever united to Me by incessant worship, I supply their deficiencies and make permanent their gains.”

Note that “incessant worship” doesn’t mean spending your life on your knees in prayer. It refers to the perpetual surrender that unfolds automatically, typically after Unity. Note “ever united”. We are not ‘ever united’ unless this is our living reality.

9:23 “[those who]…worship other gods are also worshiping Me but not in the right way.”

Like the abused Jesus quote, this isn’t saying unless you’re a Hindu, you won’t find God. Rather, it is a reference to divinity, the one God rather than many. In Vedic culture, there are many gods but properly seen, each is a form of the one rather than separate. In other words, if you’re worshiping the form of god itself, you’re missing the totality of divinity. Christians call it idolatry, confusing the form with reality. Worshiping a crucifixion statue is much the same. Just think of the greeting Namaste – it is not greeting the person but rather greeting the divine in you that you recognize in them.

9:25 “Votaries of gods go to the gods, votaries of ancestors go to the ancestors, worshipers of spirits go to the spirits, those who worship Me, likewise come to Me.”

Ancestors in this case refers to the wise of old. Spirits is what is commonly called the astral. That’s not an improvement.

How do we verify our progress? We may not be a visual person, for example. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi observed that “If the needs and desires of a devotee are fulfilled without much exertion and trouble then closeness to God is verified on the material level.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean we should judge ourself weak or fallen if there are still struggles. It takes time to wind down karma and some of us have tackled a large load. Still, it is a good sign when there is progress towards easier fulfillment.

9:26 “When anyone devotedly offers to Me a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water, I enjoy that offering of devotion, from the pure in mind.”

The value is in the offering, the surrender, not in what is offered. What can you give the divine that it doesn’t already have? Only yourself.

9:27  “Whatever you do, whatever you eat, whatever you offer as an oblation, whatever you give away, whatever austerity you perform, O Son of Kunti, do that as an offering to Me.”

9:28 “Thus will you be freed from fruits both good and evil, from the bonds of action; your self established in yoga and relinquishment, liberated, you will come to Me.”

He goes on to say that even a sinful person will find peace this way.

But again, as Maharishi observed, to find God, we first have to discover who we are. Seek Self Realization, then God Consciousness can unfold on a proper platform.

(drawing on translations by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Paramahansa Yogananda)

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  1. Jim

    Thank you – It is a good thing for people to recognize – that true fulfillment occurs as a result of the natural and complete surrender to the divine. It is not a feel good expression or something abstract to wish for. It is concrete and absolute – If you want anything, you will have created for you the means by which to obtain it. Every thought, every deepest desire, becomes a clarion call to all of Nature to fulfill. It is a very, very curious way of living, as we are used to struggling – lol.

    Life is transformed, turned inside out, and yet ease and enjoyment become the norm, with every issue or imbalance solved with merely a little attention. All of life becomes a miracle. I am not making more of it than it is. Divine life is simply a life lived in perfection. May God Bless Us All.

    1. Agreed, Jim.
      In fact, I’d say it has a sense of being more real than world appearances. The true reality of same.

      And yes, it is a curious change. It took me a few years to let go of some aspects of trying to “manage” things.

      So often, people have become so used to struggle and difficulty, they see it as normal and find such descriptions idealistic. I found it best not to talk about it much. People either thought it delusional or about miracles. But the old texts describe this as normal life that we’ve deviated from.

      Thus the key is coming back to it.

  2. michael

    Hi both!

    I love to read it when you both talk about some aspects!

    With this desires becoming fullfilled. From my experience one does not have to realize pure divinity (parabrahman) for it to become extremely “magical”.
    Sometimes it becomes almost frightening to me 😉
    It seems that surrender to the divine and deep releasing and integration are the key. It now has become so powerful that i need to further surrender to the divine just in case that i do not missuse it 😉 As even people now do what i wish for (sometimes the wish stays only a few seconds). At first that made me nervous and i asked them why they do it and they answered it felt right for them. It is as if every part of the univers supports my thoughts, whishes etc. but only if they are clearly expressed and i do not have to do anyting at all……just waiting for the meal to be served!

    1. Oh no. Fulfillment of desires can come even before Self Realization. It is only that as we get further along, there is less in the way and more support. It gets easier and easier until it just shows up.

      Yes, surrender is the key to the whole thing. It is resistance that gets in the way of smooth flow and thus easy fulfillment. Of course, the resolution of some baggage also causes some desires to fall way. Say for example, a desire for revenge.

      And yes, with progress, we can fall into transitional places where there is much greater power but maybe some unresolved junk too. We want to be conscious enough to avoid engaging that, again without adding resistance.

      Lucia has mentioned that, after awakening, it becomes our duty to enjoy. We don’t want to give attention to old habits of complaining, etc when the attention has become so much stronger.

      Keep in mind that the perspective that there is “other people” is incomplete. In a deeper sense, we are all one, supporting each other, fulfilling each others desires.

  3. michael

    Hi David!

    you wrote: Keep in mind that the perspective that there is “other people” is incomplete. In a deeper sense, we are all one, supporting each other, fulfilling each others desires.

    Good!!! Yes that perspective is incomplete…..but I needed to hear that!

    Also like Lucias “it is our duty to enjoy”…that is wonderful!


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