Happiness Matters

Happiness Matters

You’ve undoubtedly seen and heard the Pharrell Williams song Happy. Here’s some quotes from a recent article of his in the NY Times.

Happiness is a human right. It’s neither a luxury nor a triviality. It’s given to you at birth, but you must recognize its existence.

Most people think that once they have found “it” — whatever that “it” may be for them — then they will have attained “perfect” happiness. But happiness always comes from within, and many unfortunately take it for granted, or feel guilty about it or suppress happiness instead of setting it free.

So yes, it might sound crazy what I’m about to say, but it’s my responsibility to repeat it. Go ahead, feel like a room without a roof. No boundaries, no limits, no restrictions. Dance like no one’s watching, smile like love and believe that happiness can change the world.
–Pharrell Williams

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    Wonderful topic, Dya. And I’d say it a little differently (-:
    That happiness is our inner most nature. But it can get seemingly covered over. And even that covering is eventually seen to be an expression of that inner most happiness.

    I heard that when Marci Shimoff wrote Happy For No Reason, there were already 2200 books with either happy or happiness in the title!

    There is also a lot of good research on happiness to help us humans in this quest. We are so fortunate in so many ways.

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