Degrees of Presence

Degrees of Presence

Seems I’m on a scales thing these days…

While everything we experience originates in the dynamics of consciousness, how much of that is embodied in form varies widely.

For example, simple objects like rocks are largely inert. But some rocks like gemstones can express a surprising amount of presence. Note that this is distinct from the laws of nature or qualities of a stone. A stone can have very distinct, strong qualities. But some rare stones take that to another level. The presence amplifies the qualities and makes it seem almost alive.

Also, objects can carry energy from their environments, such as clothing or stones worn by someone for awhile. But that is distinct from the object and can be cleared.

Next step up is life forms – they have the intelligent structure to support life-force (prana or chi). This ranges from borderline things like viruses up to self-reflective life, like primates and dolphins.

At the mid-range of the Kala scale are forms that can bring their attention to attention itself, to recognize presence directly. That can be cultured with good techniques.

Muddying the water is charisma, an energetic dynamic. We’re in a culture that values charisma, so people tend to seek teachers with star power rather than spiritual power. Not such a good technique.

We’re now in a time and place where far more people are developing presence but this is certainly not exclusive to humans. There are stories of animals who come to satsang and we’ve all met animals with presence beyond their peers. Most of the avatars of Vishnu (like Krishna) have not come in human form.

After Self Realization, the awake Shakti descends into the energy physiology. We move through the stages of development in consciousness, the house is cleared, and it becomes increasingly lively in the form. As the presence becomes deeper, the resonance becomes progressively more universal.

As the resonance steps up, we may notice people responding to us differently. While many still respond to the personality and form as usual, some may respond in other ways – sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously or even reactively.

As it becomes deep enough, it gets strong enough to seep out even in recordings and writings. The further from the original, the less, but if it’s strong enough, even a transcript can resonate for some.

Yet presence isn’t just quiet Shiva. It is also lively, alive. As divinity becomes increasingly recognized along with awareness, presence takes on a potency.

As we shift into ParaBrahman and pure divinity, presence surpasses consciousness. It becomes self-awakening, self-consuming. Such people become catalysts for transformation and awakening in others around them.

In a rare few examples I’ve seen (in various lifetimes), presence reaches a place where it can be felt by most everyone, even from miles away. It is embodied divinity and increases everyone’s inner light.

Now we’re in a new time. Rather than a single lighthouse in the dark, we’re in a time of many lights waking up and raising the whole. This is similar to the esoteric Christian approach that the “Second Coming” is within each of us.

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  1. Jim

    Good morning, David! Yes, quite a good thing to finally recognize and begin to realize our true birthright. Yes, we can become net positive forces in this world. In addition to the growing lighthouse effect of each of us as we shine forth, the power of attention, and intention, also becomes much greater. This makes complete sense in Brahman, as we have the creation fully working out every desire, legions of beings, great and small.

    It almost sounds megalomaniacal, though more like a great wind behind the sail of a ship, traversing the ocean. Or a mother expressing great love for her child.

    Life becomes one of renewed adventure, regaining the ability we had as children, to not only dream big dreams, but realize them too, for ourselves, and for the world.

    Yes, the world is coming into a beautiful time, with Brahman providing front row seats for all of us.

    1. Hi Jim

      Yeah – I had a friend who joked about being omnipotent and being the one. So he was and we weren’t. (laughs)

      Yes, and the patience to allow things to flower as they will into the form that is here.

      Funnily enough, the further I go, the more I see is possible. And not just in some personal way but cosmically as well.

  2. Jim

    “the further I go, the more I see is possible. And not just in some personal way but cosmically as well”

    Very much so. Something I have been curious about for years. due to a not very clear idea of what “enlightenment” is, and how it is expressed. For example, the transcendental or “higher states”, tc, cc, gc, uc are all considered enlightened states, yet one is quite far away from fulfilling cosmic desires directly, though we do gain alignment over time. Now is more fun.

    1. Yes, it’s curious. Maharishi described CC as enlightenment yet there are several points on the journey after that when you realize what you knew before was peanuts and now you’re back in kindergarten again.

      Buddhism can exemplify this. Many only recognize an initial waking to no-self. And yet they can define enlightenment with superhuman characteristics far beyond that.

      In many ways, full enlightenment is a great deal more than Self Realization. Not just in terms of clearing up the baggage and greater embodiment but the higher stages. But when you get post-consciousness, it’s the refinement and unfolding cosmic that make far more difference. And that too is just setting the stage for pure divinity.

      CC is a very important shift but it becomes a laugh to call that enlightenment, except in the most basic idea of the word. Relatively, it’s like your little toe woke up.

      Yes, much more fun. An adventure of cosmic proportions even in the routine flow of life. Expressing from beyond even the gods.

  3. Jim

    “Expressing from beyond even the gods.” Yes, exactly.

    Funny how the initial silence (the so-called “Absolute”) experienced through transcendental meditation deepens, and reveals itself not to be silence at all, but yet another springboard to the realization of true silence, the silence lying beyond the Self, beyond consciousness, where the outward stroke of all activity is initially and finally made manifest. Therein is the lock, and now the key to the stage door – “Lights, Chimera, Action!” 🙂

  4. Exploring presence is fascinating, Davidya, so I’m glad you got me thinking about it. (Yes, even blogged about it today, inspired by you.)

    Of course, given the perspective of this blog, the emphasis in your gorgeous post is about having divinity shine through. And you did allude to personal charisma.

    But, for me, unique individuality is a most important aspect of human presence as well. I’d enjoy reading a follow-up article about what you’ve noted here, for instance with changes to YOUR human presence (as other humans would notice it) as you’ve evolved.

    Or, of course, any Davidya insights that you would care to bring to this. Once again, thanks for a fascinating article.

    1. Hi Rose
      Thinking about it, I realize I was placing charisma or personal presence in a less positive light. As we clean house, it’s natural for personal presence to go up. How that expresses will depend on the person.

      My point in the article was mainly not to confuse the personal and the spiritual. If you’re looking for a spiritual teacher, you don’t want to choose based on personality and charm. I know you’d recommend energetic literacy.

    2. As for my personal presence, that’s an interesting question. I’ve paid a lot more attention to spiritual presence. What’s established there is something more obvious to others so I notice by how people respond, as I noted in the resonance paragraph.

      Unconscious reactions can make for some odd social interactions. Triggering people even more so. (laughs)

      Occasionally, it amps way up so I notice by contrast. That gives a sense of where it’s going too.

      Another place it’s more obvious is when I sit with others who are very awake. We mutually amplify the presence so enjoy just being together.

      I can make some generic statements about personal changes, like gradual loss of constraints and more comfort with what is here. But I’d have to consider it further. Certainly illustrates my Emphasis when I hadn’t even thought about it. (laughs)

  5. In a recent article, Rose notes the difference between physical presence – how we dress, carry ourselves and speak – from energetic presence.

    We could call those 2 aspects of personal presence. Socially, both have significance.

    Spiritual presence is another aspect. The article was mainly exploring energetic and spiritual but our physical presence is also important if we want to get anything done in life.

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