Revealing Brahman

In a recent conversation, Rick Archer noted that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used to say “The world reveals Brahman.” Another detail that illustrates a perspective beyond “the world is illusion.”

Maharishi spoke of Brahman having 2 styles while remaining undivided.
Nirguna Brahm: without qualities
Saguna Brahm: with qualities. Alertness allows Brahman to be conscious and know itself. Liveliness brings out the divine flavours.

How does the formless nothing know itself? By being itself. Then, by adding the appearance of form, all the little nuances and details can be known. The appearance itself is not the reality but rather it illustrates the reality. In other words, The world reveals Brahman.

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2 Responses to Revealing Brahman

  1. patrick says:

    hi david
    the world is an illusion, brahm alone is real, the world is brahm. who am I quoting

  2. Davidya says:

    Hi Patrick
    That comes from Shankara.

    I wrote an article about it here:

    However, I would expand upon this a bit now. In reference to Brahman, “not real” is more accurate than “illusion”. Illusion is like a mirage. However, from a Brahman perspective even the mirage doesn’t arise. The world is unborn. It is Brahman alone.

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