The Divinity of Brahman

The Divinity of Brahman

How does one describe a quality of divinity that is beyond consciousness, beyond existence, beyond even the subtlest division?

We can use the word Divinity itself. True Divinity. Totality. A profoundly “exquisite delicacy” that is prior to differentiation or distinction as Lorne Hoff put it. It is uncaused and can only be known by collapsing the dynamics of consciousness and merging with it. Brahman is the knower of Brahman.

As the sage Shankara framed it:
“Brahman is real
the world is not real [the half truth]
Brahman is the world”

Put another way:
“The whole world is nothing but Brahman, the supreme.” (Mundaka Upanishad 2.2.12)

In other words, the world appears to us because it is Brahman, not because it has reality in itself. It is as if Brahman has a brief musing and the result is the vastness of space and time and universes and beings. This is a very different perspective than prior in Unity (Atman) when the world is mySelf, arises from me and I contain it.

We so underestimate the divine.

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