Why Creation?

This question and some related ones came up in a discussion forum and I thought it worth sharing here. Edited a bit for content.

The question of why the divine would create is one answered by experience also. It doesn’t make a lot of sense until the process is intimate to you. In essence we could say though that Consciousness knows itself globally but the vastness of the details (of divine intelligence) cannot be known without exploring them. So consciousness becomes aware at every point within itself. You are one of those points.

Each of those points of awareness can then be aware of other points, leading to gazillions of perspectives or ways of seeing.

It’s also worth noting that consciousness has 2 fundamental properties – alertness and liveliness. Liveliness is what stirs alertness into awareness, allowing it to become self-aware. But it also means that self-awareness is a flow or movement within itself. That movement creates. The simple process of self-awareness creates a lively field of expression. Multiply that by all those points of awareness and you have the appearance of creation.

I would not say it’s accurate to call that expression an illusion. Rather its not what it seems to be on the surface.

On ages, we know from our own lives that consciousness goes through cycles – sometimes we’re more alert, sometimes more sleepy. The same is true throughout nature. We have daytime cycles, seasonal cycles, and so on. Cultures throughout the ages have had people who had a broader experience of time and could see the rising and falling ages taking place over thousands of years. We have the astrological ages (Age of Aquarius coming). The Greeks spoke of the gold, silver, bronze and iron ages. India describes the very similar Yugas and indeed, science describes what is sometimes called the Great Year, the cycle of the precession of the equinoxes.

During that cycle, our north star changes 4 times. And those times correspond with the ages. The longest age is when consciousness is so high that the majority of the population live as-if enlightened. Simply because group consciousness is high enough. But there has to be enough individuals who actually are fully enlightened to sustain that. Eventually, we get careless and the ages start to fall. People who are not actually awake drop out of that and begin to get caught up by their experiences, forgetting who they are. In the darkest of ages, few are awake and the process is much more challenging because the group is so “thick”. But that motivates people to change and some lights rise up and help turn the tide.

We’re now in a rising cycle and in fact a special form of that so the opportunity is here to make rapid progress. Shows like BATGAP are evidence of that. A few decades ago, I could count the number of people I’d met who where awake on one hand. Now I’ve lost count. We live in quite remarkable times.

But one of the current side effects is that many are waking up to their energy bodies and subtle perception. There’s a lot of nonsense floating around about that and some are getting distracted from living their lives or are using the subtle as an escape from their issues. Some are even getting caught up in energetic “ponzi schemes”, most prevalent with channellers. It’s a learning curve for everyone but it’s important to learn to discriminate and maintain self-authority.

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  1. Michael

    Hi David!

    I would not say it’s accurate to call that expression an illusion. Rather its not what it seems to be on the surface.

    I applaud you for that one David!!! ….. Simple said, beautiful and great!!!!

    To me the “its all an Illusion” Mantra is sooo devaluing of the manifest part of the source and for me is a form of duality (the truth and the Illusion). The manifest is just not what we thought it was.

    with love

  2. Hi Michael
    Yes, it’s become way over-emphasized. There is a stage of development where the world may seem illusory. But it’s a transitional stage, not “the reality”.

    There is also a stage where the world takes on a concreteness greater than it ever had prior. This is when the world is recognized to be unchanging absolute Self.

    And there is the Lila stage and the never happened in the first place stage. Each are perspectives of the reality of the world. Each contributes to our growing understanding.

    And yes, “world as illusion” is classic Dwaita or duality.

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