Merciful God

Merciful God

[Maharishi asks himself this question]

“How do you know that God has been merciful in creating Man?

“God has created eternal bliss in the innermost area of Man’s personality.  In the innermost region of Man, He has filled that with infinite happiness, infinite energy, infinite intelligence.  In the outer aspect of Man’s personality, He has created the desire to go that way – the desire to go to more happiness, more energy, more intelligence.  This nature of the outside life, to flow in the direction of more and more and more and more, this is the nature.  So Man’s outer nature is to go towards Man’s inner nature, which is bliss.

“These are the two things: the innermost nature of Man is all bliss, outer nature of Man is in search of happiness.  And these two things can make the life integrated.  And this is the expression of God’s mercy, that He has done these two things in Man, ability to get to the infinite, and the infinite lying inside everyone.

“From this we know that God has been merciful in creating Man.”

– Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Lake Louise, Canada, May 1968

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