Emotional Diversity

Emotional Diversity

There’s an interesting change in group consciousness that’s happened in very recent times I’ve heard a couple of people mention but which is largely unrecognised in the wider community. And yet it has made a very distinct change in how many people experience life.

It used to be that we would commonly experience one emotion at a time. They may come in a sequential flurry but we could typically say “I am Angry” or “I am Sad” as each cast their shadow over our life. That of course marked being absorbed or identified with the energy of that emotion. With a little less identification, we would describe “having” emotions, like “I feel Sad”. And with none, we might say “there is sadness here”, although we may use more familiar language to communicate. But then it is no longer Mine – it simply is, unresisted.

For those unfamiliar, emotions are not the issue. Emotions are difficult when they are resisted or identified with as myself – mine. We as if become them. Resistance also tends to build a backlog of unresolved emotions that cast a shadow over our lives. The fix is in releasing the resistance and resolving the backlog. This is much easier if we use practices to soften our identification with the contents of our experience, such as emotions. When they don’t overshadow us, emotions bring a richness to life.

The change being observed in group consciousness is that it’s now open to more layers. And that means many now experience multiple emotions at the same time. As in “I am happy but also a little sad.” This can expand the richness of life but can also be quite confusing. It will also increase our sense of the intensity of the current time, something often reported.

For those caught in an emotional drama, this can increase the drama quotient. That may be enticing or bring a greater sense of overwhelm. But keep in mind it’s an effect of awareness opening so it also brings with it an increased ability to see through the drama and identification. In other words, an increased ease for spiritual growth. Even if it doesn’t feel like it.

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