The Ganges

The Ganges

One of the most famous and holy of rivers in India is the Ganges. Originating in the Himalayas, it comes down onto the plains, crosses most of northern India and flows to the ocean in the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh.

The legends say that Ganga once watered the gardens of heaven but her purifying powers were needed on earth. Ganga agreed to come to our aid but the impact of her decent would have destroyed the earth. Shiva steps in to help, catching the falling water in his hair. Thus it flows to earth in multiple streams. They rejoin to create the Ganges river.

It’s best to understand this as a story to explain a very abstract process.

Ganga is the flow of divine mother, what is often called Shakti, primordial power. Shakti flows from Shiva, the observer or consciousness. In the cosmic body, it descends from the crown to the earth element in the root chakra. It is the story of the descent of the divine to earth, the story of creation.

It is the story of life itself for Shakti is life.

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