Divine Beings

Divine Beings

A subject that comes up periodically is the distinction between types of subtle beings. I reviewed them recently here. Many people first experience the beings closer to their physical presence. Perhaps the dead, or nature elementals, or a guide or other related being. Broadly, these are all astral beings. You should apply the same principles to them as to anyone you meet in the physical world. Most will place self-interest at the top of their priorities.

Divine beings like angels, archangels, gods, avatars and so forth are very distinct from astral beings. They never “channel”, in the sense of taking over someone. This is anti-evolutionary and takes away self-authority. They will support you (and many always are) but it will always be about your choice. They won’t manipulate you nor can they be manipulated. They may provide pointers and recommendations but again, it’s always your choice. They’re not self-interested but rather seek to evolve the whole.

Angels have not typically ever experienced being human so they cannot relate to our motivations and choices. But they recognize we all learn by making our own choices so they fully support our self-authority. You can’t convince them to heal someone else, for example. That would be their choice.

At the same time, they have full energetic literacy so in some ways know you better than you know yourself.

Divine beings are not “Hindu” or “Christian” or “Jewish” or “Buddhist” – those are man-made categories. This also has nothing to do with belief, except in the sense of being open. However, our background will influence how we perceive them because on subtle levels, appearance is very malleable. I refer to this as personalization. Intention is at play here as well.

I’ve also learned they play a role in how they wish to appear, what they choose to be called, and so forth. Net result, the same being may show up in different traditions under different names and appearances but the principles they embody don’t vary. If you’re open, you’ll meet beings described in many traditions. And they often won’t appear quite the same as they’ve been traditionally depicted. Think of them as laws of nature and their principles will be more clear.

The form also steers meaning and implication for us personally so all of that will be part of the presentation. It’s all about communicating through our beliefs and barriers.

I can recall the famous Fire the Grid story, where beings showed up to rescue a woman and her son from a car sinking in a lake. She was more comfortable with the idea of aliens than angels, so referred to them as ETs at first. Then later as light beings.

The biggest determiner of experiencing them is sattva or clarity. And that has a direct relationship with how much stuff we have fogging our energy physiology.

Our desire to see them (or not) also has an influence but sometimes they show up anyway, perhaps in ways that don’t follow our tradition, expectations, or even any tradition. Depends on what needs to be learned, it would seem.

I was pretty suspicious and stand-offish about them when they first started showing up. I’d had prior experiences with needy astral beings and was unsure if this was just fancier versions of the same. I didn’t know some of the basic points above to differentiate them from rabble. But that became clear over time.

One of the more interesting beings is known commonly as Shiva. Shiva represents the masculine side of creation, the absolute and consciousness. You may meet him as formless consciousness, as cosmic form referred to as Mahadeva, and in specific form as you may have seen in various depictions. The notable detail is that Shiva thus embodies all aspects of being – as subject/observer, as process of experience, and as object of experience in form.

Most other such beings will embody one primary principle and one form for you to relate with (assuming you see them). What you may learn from or of them though can be profoundly vast and go on for many years.

All of this presupposes such a relationship would be useful for you. If you’re prone to chase such experiences for more needy or less useful reasons, or they’d serve more as a distraction, then they’re less inclined to show up. Not to mention the fog noted prior.

It’s kind of like the old adage – if you need money, that’s the worst time to ask for a loan. The key with the subtle is simple openness.

Each of us has our own journey to take. The purpose of articles like this is not to distract you in chasing divine beings or to create concepts about that but rather to support people who are having such experiences. A footnote for the map, we could say.

In any case, feed your attention with what gives you happiness, peace and wholeness.

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