What is a Dimension?

What is a Dimension?

Dimension is a word often used in modern spiritual terminology to mean another place or level of existence. As in “angels live in another dimension.” However, that’s not a correct use of the word. It’s further misleading to imply subtler values of existence are somewhere else rather then inter-penetrating physical space, as they are.

Dimension is defined as a property of space (or space-time) we can use to qualify and measure it. But it’s also not a direction. For example, “up” is an orientation not a dimension.

A related use illustrates this: “dimensions” is used to describe the measurement of the size of an object. For example, the size of a room.

A dimension is not an orientation in space, it’s a scale or size of structure in space-time as the universe goes from infinitely large to infinitely small in a fractal holographic series of boundary conditions (like infinite Russian dolls stacked inside of each other). So, depending on what scale you are talking about, you can say something like a biological scale entity is incredibly active even though it may be sleeping or seemingly “inactive” because at the cellular dimension or the quantum dimension there may be millions or even billions of “actions” happening per second…
Nassim Haramein

Notice how he is using dimension with scale. These are relative physical scales. But again, that’s not the same thing as a level of non-physical existence. Subtler levels do have qualities of being finer than the physical, but they are also less bounded so the scale is also going up. Using “dimension” for these levels is thus quite misleading.

Also note that a loka or subtle world is not “another dimension”. Any subtle space is also a 3 Dimensional world. Like subtler levels, these are nested rather than separate, like the Russian doll analogy Nassim uses.

Why be fussy about terminology? Words have a shared meaning. When you use them incorrectly, you imply unintended things and mislead people. Ideas develop based on those meanings that lead to further misunderstanding.

But equally, it’s clear where this comes from. “You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!” Funny how terminology can seep in…

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