The Right Answer

The Right Answer

The MOTH is “true stories told live“. Recently, I’ve been sent a couple of links to such talks. Some are on YouTube. More are on their web site as podcasts (audio).

One suggested was Jen Lee on “Targeted” – “An evangelist searches for souls and customers in the aisles of a Target store.” On growing up in a Fundamentalist family involved in Mary Kay.

When helping another friend solve a pop-up window problem (MOTH is unwisely using pop-ups for their podcasts), I caught this phrase 8 min in:

“Whenever you have something, whether it’s a religion or a business, or anything else that you think is the right answer for everybody, through that lens you can’t hope but look at everyone in the world as if they’re broken and need to be fixed.”
Jen Lee

A very wise observation. This relates to the ego’s self-protective tendency to want to feel right and feel certain. But if you’re certain you’re right, everyone else must be wrong. It is the essence of what divides us. It’s also why the news is a litany of what’s wrong and who’s to blame. The more insecure we feel, the bigger the boogeyman we seek.

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