A Christian Perspective on Awakening

A Christian Perspective on Awakening

In June 2013, Francis Bennett did a 2 hour talk and Q&A at Morning Star Studios in Fairfield, Iowa. He was long a Trappist monk who explored world faiths and paths and awoke during a mass. He covers a lot of subjects I’ve brought up here recently. An enjoyable watch, even to hear the first 20 min. But they cover many subjects later.


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  1. Suz

    Thanks for sharing this. It’s what I have been trying to tell people since 1982 when it happened to me. This is about as clear and simple and reasoned as it can be. When I pass it along, perhaps it will speak more clearly than I’ve been able to. Maybe. Maybe not. 🙂 Thanks! (Suz, from over at Rose’s)

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