Breaking Inertia

Breaking Inertia

Inertia is a natural state of energy. In Sanskrit, they use the term Tamas. When in motion, it is known as Rajas. But they also have a third state known as Sattva, generally translated as purity. This is similar to Tamas in the sense of being more still but is it’s the opposite in quality. Where Tamas is resistance, Sattva is peace.

When we face inertia in our lives, it is usually due to change. The shifting of a state from still to moving. We may often experience change with resistance, emotionally as fear.

Fear does not have to mean no. Just caution. Is this the step we want to take? Then just be OK with what arises. Let fear be there if it comes, then it will pass. And do it.

Rajas will then arise to transform and ideally settle into sattva. However, we will soon find sattva may have degraded, becoming tamas. (lack of sleep, for example) Change is then necessary to transform it again.

If we are able to connect internally with our true nature, the energy will degrade into tamas less and less. Inertia will become less of an issue. However, the purer we get, the more inclined deeper inertia will come to the surface for its transformation. That process may make it seem like a never-ending series. But the difference is that now we’re rebuilding the whole environment, not just maintaining it. The profound benefits of that will soon become apparent.

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  1. Share L

    I’m so glad you made that point about sattwa possibly changing into tamas if we don’t, for example get enough sleep. It suggests that this topic refers not only to our spiritual self and our emotional self, but also to our physical self. It reminds me that many health care professionals, for example, recommend simple walking as an antidote for depression. We’re not really divided into spiritual part, emotional part, etc. though sometimes it’s convenient to talk about humanness that way. We’re a wholeness. Which is wonderful because sometimes it might just be easier and more fun to deal with inertia by getting up out of the chair and doing some jumping jacks. Rather than trying to shift our thoughts or feelings.

  2. Davidya

    A question of sattva or tamas is more a question of our emotional and physical selves.Our spiritual self is beyond such divisions. However, the quality of our experience is influenced by the quality of our vehicle, so in that sense the degree of sattva is significant.

    It’s a way we can also look at spiritual practices. Meditation, for example, is primarily about culturing Atman, our spiritual selves. Pranayam has more to do with sattva. However, pranayam helps settle the mind, leading to easier samadhi and samadhi gives opportunity for purification, helping sattva. Everything is tied in that wholeness.

    Still, it’s good to recognize the differences. One can think of cigar-smoking sages and very pure but not yet awake saints. Ideally, we develop both for maximum benefit, maximum wholeness.

    Love the jumping jacks example. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Share L

    Don’t know why but I didn’t get a notification about your follow up post. Anyway, I’m glad I checked and found this. I like how you show how all aspects are connected. Gives hope to this one focused on feelings and energy (-;

  4. Davidya

    Maybe it was treated as spam.
    Thanks. If there’s only one thing, it’s connected. 😉
    “Hope is the feeling we have that the feeling we have is not permanent.” ~Mignon McLaughlin

  5. Davidya

    I mean my response may have been seen by your email supplier as spam. Sometimes, instead of unsubscribing, people mark stuff as spam so the spam filters start to reject it.

    Of course they do. Everything is consciousness… 😉

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