The Evolution of Action

The Evolution of Action

Along the way, we go from thinking we are the doers of action (karma) to action seeming to take care of itself. (with Self realization)

“Actions are in every case performed by the gunas of Nature. He whose mind is deluded by the sense of `I’ holds `I am the doer.'”

Bhagavad Gita, Ch. 3, verse 27

The world around us takes on the appearance of being an illusion or dream. Only Self is real. As we deepen into this experience, we discover…

“The Lord creates neither the authorship of action nor the action of beings; nor does He create the link between (the doer), the action and its fruits. Nature carries this out.”
Ch. 5, verse 14

And as we deepen still further…

“I am indeed doing this action, but actually I am not doing it; I am Brahman, and action is also Brahman, and the fruit of action is also Brahman, so even the fruit is nothing but my own Self, and the Self I am already.”

Commentary on Ch. 6, verse 1, by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I spoke earlier of how the dream or Maya evolves from being illusion to the way home. When all is discovered to be Brahman, Maya is found to be none other than that. Brahman says, “My indestructible Maya.”

Knowledge, as they say, is different in different states of consciousness.

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  1. Hi Davidya,

    I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I still do read every post you write, but read them on my phone when waiting in doctors offices, not much time for computer. Also must thank you for mentioning The Work on your blog. I finally started working with it and it could not have come at a better time for me.

    So again thank you so much for what you do. What a generous source you are!


  2. Great, I am so looking forward to more from you. Lately, I am dealing with this medical thing (hence not posting much), so I am at the doctors offices, waiting a lot – your posts are wonderful to have with me especially in situations like that. Reading them under these circumstances has literally become a part of my spiritual practice.

  3. Davidya

    That’s very sweet, Elena, Thanks.

    If it would be a help, I had a medical thing many years ago. I found western medicine is very good at traumas and diseases but not so useful for chronic/ systemic stuff. Docs couldn’t do much except tell me what was wrong. Ended up taking a friends suggestion to see an Ayurvedic doc. He suggested a few dietary changes and some inexpensive herbs. It worked.

    Depends on the issue though. Good luck.

  4. Ben

    Hi Davidya,

    It seems like before Awakening, I was totally mesmerized by jiva. Now it seems that after my awakening experience that jiva or my ego delusions are actually helping me. After Awakening, I could say Maya or jiva is helping me see how it dances at the personal level… although I would not consider the dance always fun.

    The Maya evolves post was a huge help!

    Thank you!

  5. Davidya

    Hi Ben!
    (laughs) You got it. I was really pleased to run into that Shankara reference as this is not how Maya is usually spoken of, yet I seemed to be learning a lot from the “mirage”.

    The truth is of course behind the appearance.

    Another way of looking at this, also from Shankara is this:
    Shankara’s 3 laws
    1st law – Brahman is real (Self is)
    2nd law – the world is not real – doesn’t exist
    3rd law – Brahman is the world

    The 3rd law, apparently contradicting, is the stage many miss. That develops a little later in the Unity process.

    Essentially we could say the world in itself does not exist but it’s true nature as Brahman does. ie: it’s real, but only as Brahman, not as separate objects.

    Plan to do a post on this.

  6. Davidya

    Well Ben, its one of those things that isn’t really clear until it is. 😉

    That’s a big reason why that step is left out of so many teachings. And why this idea of “world as illusion” is so much more prevalent than the deeper reality.

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