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Resistance is so pervasive in most peoples lives, such a habit, that we don’t realize we’re doing it. We can point to concepts or beliefs we might have that get in the way but much easier to explore resistance via feeling. Feelings are what gives resistance energy.

The trick is thus in what some call mindfulness or restful alertness. Noticing. When circumstances arise in our lives, how do we respond? Do we react? And does that reaction have an underlying resistance to it?  Are there habitual reactive “negative” emotions arising?

This is a solid sign we’re resisting what is. We’re not allowing what is to be as it is.

This is not to say we shouldn’t have opinions or preferences. Those are natural. The issue is with conflict, making wrong. Using our preferences to make exceptions bad.

As we become aware of our reactivity, we can allow the emotions as they arise. This allows them to complete and resolve. The “power source” of our resistance gradually gets unplugged. The drama settles. The air clears.

Note that emotions are NOT the issue. Emotions are fine. Beautiful even. It’s when we use them to push against, to resist, and to fuel ideas and beliefs that are against life that our suffering arises.

Resistance behaves almost like an emotion itself, but it has a physical edge to it. It is even stored physically. Like emotions, resistance should not be demonized either. Some resistance is good, like when we hesitate before doing something foolish. The issue is with resistance to life.

When we can resolve some of that backlog, we can find ourselves slipping into Be Here Now without effort. Being OK with what is, as it is. Meditation is profoundly useful for this as it cultures inner peace and restful alertness. But the stuff that’s still being activated by habit mind, often unnoticed in our day to day lives – that’s what can use a little conscious attention.

Fear is certainly one way resistance shows up. For some, it might be anger, or blame, or whatever. But fear is at the root of it. Generally this core fear of being separate is deeply subconscious until later in the game, in the leadup to unity.

Some describe this process like peeling an onion. Layers and layers, seemingly endless. But a lot of people also note that there is often a bunch of clearing just before an opening. It’s a good sign when the process becomes conscious.

Fear and other potent emotions are powerful manifesting energy. Another great reason they’re good to let go of. But again, the idea is not to get rid of emotions. That’s just resistance again. The idea is to allow them to be there. Curiously, this brings them peace and in many case resolves them. You’ve allowed them, acknowledged them. Everyone just wanna be luved. 😉

You are a human living in the world. You will not have an absence of fear. But you will  cease being driven by, limited by or attached by fear. Fear will simply arise on appropriate occasions. If you are able to just see the fear without being afraid of it, without resisting it, you can step through and out of it in just a few moments. It will be more like a breeze or passing traffic. You might notice it due to its uncommonness, but it will simply move on by.

This is the same as with physical pain. Once you acknowledge having received the pain signal, the body will ease right up on it, perhaps shift to an ache.

Desire is also not the barrier – it’s the attachment to a desire that can be a barrier. Attachment to concepts. Attachment to feelings. Attachment to desires. Funnily enough, the last barrier to awakening is often our concepts of awakening. Once we let it go, there we are  😉

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  1. Hello Davidya.

    You know, although I do attempt to read all your posts, some are very hard for me to wrap my mind around. I have to stop a lot, to think, to try and figure it out. I may not be ready to completely comprehend some of them, yet I read and stay open and realize that there is still much work to be done.
    However, it’s posts like this one that are beautifully resonate with where I am and what I am going through at present time. Much needed summaries, reminders and reinforcements. It is funny though, when I read even posts like this one – you manage to keep me right on the edge of grasping the message, yet also realizing the need to read it again and again to understand in depth.

    Thank you.

  2. Davidya

    (laughs) Yes, that’s why the name of the blog. I do tend to go very abstract and subtle sometimes. But there are some readers who can follow that stuff so I continue to share the musings. I know I would have been grateful for some of it when I was there.

    Some of it is not something mind can really grasp. But you may find in reading it without strain that it stirs deep memories. That’s enough.

    It is good practice for me to write from many places. Apologies if I slip too deep. And I can’t say my English is always at it’s best. (laughs) These were posted late and quick as I was out all day and on a workshop all weekend.

    Thanks for the feedback, Elena

  3. David

    Hi Davidya,
    This is a good topic, resistance. It’s at the core of what keeps people separate from Being and each other as well. One time at a demanding occasion, I managed to “watch” the painful emotions spring forth inside my body. It was like a person drowning at sea and fighting frantically to keep his head above water. That’s what it felt like. Afterward, about 1-2 days later I was blessed with a deep silence all around me that lasted for about a week. So, now I look forward to almost “drowning” again because I know a blessing could be at the other end. Life is an excellent teacher!

    Thanks Davidya

  4. Davidya

    Hi David
    After we clear a big “nut”, there can sometimes be a nice opening afterward. A clear spell. And then that space of clarity leaves an opening for the next thing to be seen and it continues.

    I would not say we should want “drowning” for the blessings that may result as experiences are so variable. Expectations will just lead to disappointment. But I know what you mean. And as those resistances become seen, usually in more mild ways, we are clearing the deck for that clarity to be with us more and more.

    Eventually, that silence all around will be dominant and ongoing. Whatever the weather of the emotions and mind the silence will remain, undisturbed. The rock.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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