Clearing Clarity

Clearing Clarity

Sometimes, we can be disturbed by surfacing emotions. Or a sense of something being unresolved, incomplete. A shadow is cast over our day. We may even notice physical sensations. This is something we just allow. The process of clearing is taking place.

Clarity of consciousness is the container for the unresolved to be resolved. We don’t need to go into the feelings or even note they are there. The process takes place automatically. Only that we may notice being a bit off and allow that process to complete. Take some rest if necessary.

Don’t fight the feeling. This can either hinder the process or cause still further discomfort as it moves out. Let it take care of itself.

The mind likes certainty and wants to control. So it may try to engage this clearing. But this is unnecessary. The mind also doesn’t like to have moods on an abstract basis, so it will tend to want to associate the feelings with something. “I feel this because…” and we blame it on circumstances or someone near us. But this is just making a story about something that is leaving. There’s no point.

If the dynamic is an unresolved internal conflict that is stewing in the mind, put it aside. This lets it settle more deeply.

This process can arise as the result of any trigger for clearing. Deep inner peace. Happiness. A simple open space. Clarity. A casual conversation about life. There is a space for release, awareness stirs it and the process begins. Allow it to leave and you will feel much lightened when it completes. Resolutions can come to mind. Clarity of next steps.

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  1. Davidya

    Hi Ben
    Yes, some people I know are experiencing such these days. I’ve run into a few unexpected habits of thinking that arose myself. Always interesting to see what ingredients we’ve got in our life stew. (laughs)

  2. Nancee

    Perfect timing for me too David! Some things going on with the teens I care for at work started triggering some strange emotions in me from my past that I wasn’t expecting. I’ve been wondering what to do about them… I’ll keep the door open for them keep on moving through.

    Best of the New Year to you…

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