2009 Gone

2009 Gone

Another year gone as we cross a conceptual boundary. The New Year is not a natural point of change, like Spring or Winter. It is simply the point at which the calendar turns over a new leaf. But it does mark the passage of time. A chance to stop and take stock.

391 posts this year. Apologies to the regular readers. (laughs) The most popular posts are overviews like States of Consciousness or 10 Steps to Enlightenment (a title that’s a joke) and posts that evidently cover something of interest that is less commonly discussed like Forms of Samadhi and Expressing Purpose.

Most of these are from 2008. A few posts I did on Isha were big this year, along with the recent shared post, Deep Forgiveness. Famous names seem to draw more traffic but it is interesting to see what became popular. The net is a big place so one never knows.

Readership doubled this year. We’ll see what 2010 brings. And what arises to offer. 2009 was in many ways a year of completion and preparation. 2010 promises to thus be very interesting.

Joyous New Year

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