Seeing without Believing

Seeing without Believing

There is a famous saying – “seeing is believing“. When it’s our experience, we know it’s true. And this is true on one level. But it is the mechanism of illusion on another – the way the story and our beliefs are made real.

When we see that the world is a projection of our consciousness, the dynamic changes. Of course, the key word is here is OUR – the world is built together. We just fill in the nuances for ourselves. Ideas like manifestation are meaningless if taken out of this context.

If we also understand that believing is a form of mental and emotional attachment, a fear driven desire for control, we can begin to get a sense of how such a famous saying also describes the mechanism of our suffering. We create our world, then become attached to that experience by believing in it being a certain way. Of course, it then changes. It’s like drawing a picture, then believing it to be real. Or believing our dreams after we wake up from sleep.

When we make that deep inner connection to source, we begin to let go of the need to control, resisting what is. This allows us to begin to let go of beliefs. This can be slow as they become embedded as habits of thinking. But over time, we begin to see things as they are. No belief, no story, no suffering or drama necessary.

Then we can see without believing. And then, the truth is revealed.

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