Getting Simple

Getting Simple

One of the qualities of Awakening people sometimes describe is living a problem free life. We can understand that if we are no longer fighting life, problems will be less. But it’s interesting to explore this further.

Some of the things that happen around waking include:

1) falling away of reactivity
As what Eckhart Tolle calls the “pain body” dissolves, life’s events no longer trigger painful reactions, nor do those reactions lead to further pain. The karmic wheel winds down.

2) falling away of control
The ego tries to control events in our lives. As that need for control falls away, we become more and more OK with what life brings us. We stop pushing against events and judging things wrong.

Later, the similar ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ of the identity fall away, deepening the OKness.

3) falling away of resistance to life
As the “No’s” and “bad’s” fall away, we are left simply with what is. The emotional drama fades and the inherent peace and happiness emerge from under the clouds. Life becomes good, whatever the circumstance.

4) purification of self and environment
All of this emotional and mental release brings a purification and refinement of our physiology and environment. This brings not only increased clarity and ability to see things as they are, but a growing ability to see the underlying process at play.

Some of this clearing happens because it is seen and released. Some of this happens because peace and happiness simply overshadow prior ways of seeing. Darkness ends with light. The underlying perfection dawns.

Thus, we change and what we create changes and how we respond changes. In other words, there is both a release of what is not true and an acceptance of what is true. A falling away of problems plus a perception that no longer sees problems.

With so much less noise, thrashing, and suffering, life often becomes much simpler. No big drama on stage. No need for distraction. Just the life, as it is.

Some peoples lives continue much the same throughout this process. They simply see the falling away of unhappiness and pain. Other peoples lives go through major shifts in the process of release and acceptance. It depends on many factors, certainly if parts of the life are built on illusion and pain.

It’s certainly an interesting aspect of the journey. What ends and what stays. What we find is the “true story”, under the noise of our past.

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  1. Ben

    Thank you! Yeah this is very good. I resonate strongly with this entry. I no longer have the energy to get worked up about many of the things that would have tweaked me before. The majority of these, of course, are the thoughts and judgments in my head about things.

    Also, I find I am fine with whatever anyone wants to pursue, believe, and the stories they live. I am not embracing the entire world and its darker side yet, but I am feeling how it can happen without being insensitive, unfeeling, and uncaring.

    I would describe it as humbly heartful. Not losing the heart and seeing with humility that I am not in control. Also, at any moment I can act so it isn’t just a passive lump that sits here either. It is an interesting space and few I speak with can relate to it.

    This is as close to where I am at right now as anything I have read or could describe.

    Thank you Davidya!

  2. Davidya

    Hi Ben
    Yes, its a beautiful thing. In a way, so simple. The changes are natural and progressive so we typically see a gradual change. We don’t realize how different we’ve become until one of lifes bigger things shows up. Or passes obliquely through life, such as a friends challenge.

    Also, you’re coming to it nicely. Some people first find a “dry” detachment, without heart. Heart can show later, but will bring great riches with it.

    A spiritual community is nice. I’m in a few. Some can’t relate. Some can and are deeply moved by each others progress.

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