Waking Up – a poem

Waking Up – a poem

A budding lotus
In a womb of luminous green
Vibrant, happy, and comforting.

The fresh white petals are so delicate
And so fine,
With clear drops of dew
Forming and sliding down.

The gentle petals do not protest the dew
Collecting in shimmering pearls
And sliding around,
Rather they welcome the refreshing presence
And relish the contact.

When the first rays of the golden sun
End their journey at its bosom,
The blossoming lotus
Starts to unfold
Shaking off the dew and the long sleep of night.

Embracing the warm messengers of light
The young lotus sways gently
In a whirling dance
In a loving and teasing dialogue
With the gentle morning breeze.

The friendly breeze
Smiles happily
And caresses the petals
With infinite tenderness
And loving care.

The dance of the joyful petals
Titillates my awakening heart
Stirring expanding ripples
In its still and sweet waters.

The small ripples expand
In waves of release
Joy and delight,
Bubbling sweetness
Fresh fragrance
And a delicious tingle throughout.

— A-Hameed Ali, from Heart Dweller


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