Mostly Eternal

Mostly Eternal

An interesting bit of Sanskrit showed up recently. “Pripad Asyamritam Divi”. This basically means 3/4’s is Amrit. Amrit is typically thought to mean nectar or ambrosia, specifically the nectar of immortality. It’s literal meaning is that which is immortal.

The association with nectar is due to a subtle gland in the body that assists in the refinement of the physiology though awakening and thus the experience of immortality. It also relates to the lively aspect of the changeless, flowing within Itself.

Thus, 3/4’s is Amrit means 3/4’s is immortal or eternal. The silent unmanifest flowing within itself is the majority of what is. Although this is not a linear flow like time or a direction in space. It is more like a simultaneous movement in all directions at once, yet not moving anywhere. Fluctuating in place.

This is similar to the ocean. A wave can seem to move across the surface of an ocean until it crashes onto the shore. But the ocean itself does not move forward. The surface simply rises up and down again with the flow of the current through it. On any expanse of ocean, waves are found in many directions all at once.

The other implication of the phrase is that the world of change and experience is the minor aspect. Indeed, one might suggest it is like a crust on the surface. Curiously, we hold on to this crust as ‘real’ even when it crumbles in our grip repeatedly.

What is real remains. It’s that simple.

PS – this is why they ask who is having the experience. The observer remains, whatever the content of an experience. Thus, it is a key to stepping into the real.

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