Sometimes, what is more important than answers is questions. Answers will take you into the mind. Questions can take you past the mind.

Who am I?

What am I?

Where am I?

Am I?

Who is asking the question?

Who needs to know?

What is true right now?

Is this the right question?

What am I truly longing for? asks Mary O’Malley.

How do I know?

Is helplessness okay? asks Neelam

What is love?

Is this true? asks Byron Katie.

Are you listening?

Are you willing to be seen? asks Gangaji.

This is the essence of inquiry. Dyad is asking you the same question over and over, to go into it more deeply. Interestingly, when we come to a place where there is no answer, that is when the question ends. That outside edge of mind is pure satisfaction.

Now, go back and read the questions again. But wait & listen this time. Instant answers are the habit mind. That’s not the truth. It’s the truth that sets you free.

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