Heaven’s Bathroom

Heaven’s Bathroom

The discussion group continues to listen to Thich Nhat Hanh speak. Late on the third day he remarks that no one ever asks if you need to eat in heaven. He said “It is my conviction that there are restrooms in the Kingdom of God. Otherwise I couldn’t be there yet.

While some may consider such a statement inappropriate, I think it speaks beautifully to the normalcy and presence of heaven. It is not some other place or time, but right here and now. Just as it already is.

But we will not see it as long as we use our minds to cast it into some other time and space. Or at least see through our minds tendency to do that. Stop identifying with that story. Be in heaven on the toilet, washing the dishes, walking. This is how heaven descends to earth.

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  1. Nancee

    I laughed too with the statement… I used to find it so odd that I could carry on conversations with God while in the bathroom… and feel totally comfortable with doing so. Now I just do so and don’t stop to feel odd 🙂

  2. Davidya

    Hi Nancee
    In the video, no one laughed. Its a very serious crowd. But the pace of the talk cannot help but draw you into quietness.
    Yes, people don’t get what “omnipresence” means. (laughs)

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