What is emergence?

What is emergence?

From a discussion on web sites wanting to “organize” emergence.

♦Its very important to understand a key point about ’emergence’. It is not people that wake up to reality, it is reality that wakes up to people. Consciousness is waking to itself, through the vehicle of apparent individuals, through our unique expression, our increment of the whole. We are waking through our expression, then the expression itself is awoken too.

“all this time he thought he was Bob trying to realize the Self. On this course he understood that the Self was trying to realize Bob.”  — Bob

Because the mind identifies with its thoughts and ideas, we think we are those and thus fall into the illusion. We want to plan our emergence, do something to awaken. We think it is us as individuals that are doing. That is the illusion. Our job as individuals is really to get out of the way. To allow the Self, which is who we really are, to flow through us. Stepping back, we find our true nature and the illusions fall away, revealing a deeper reality that is so much more satisfying.

All we need to do for the mind is satisfy it enough to let go. Let go the grip of our idea of who we are and that suffering is real. This is what Eckhart is talking about with Oprah. By example, the experience of having a bad cold. The body is stiff and sluggish. If we think we are the body, our reality is shrunken and limited, reduced by microscopic bacteria to some superficial aspect of what is. But if we do not identify with the body and mind, who you are is undiminished. One remains happy and inspired, marveling at what is playing in life. Being sick is almost irrelevant. Some fleeting bit of noise in the peace of being.

With the dream awoken, fullness flows through us to express in the world. That is the real emergence that is underway. And you will know the flow – its unmistakable. People call it many names, but most commonly bliss. Bliss flowing in a field of deep peace, free of all limitation. That is you, expressing through yourself.

That is what is emerging. What was already and always there, under the dream of limitation. It is an emergence much larger than the mind can even conceive. More fun than anything we might imagine.


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