Blossoming bliss

Blossoming bliss

Our journey through life is a remarkable one. We are faced with many choices in life, yet much conflicting information about what and who to trust. When we look back on our journey, we may find what seems many episodes off on side tracks. Yet in a broader perspective, we can see how each aspect has contributed to the whole of our experience.

Yesterday, I read the story of a promising painter who dropped out of art school to become a teacher of meditation, apparently putting aside  his talent for his idealism. But in the longer story of his life, he came back to his art, but now from a higher perspective. From a place of broader view and more more refined perception. He has gone on to become a renowed painter and teacher of art, expressing the sublime.

In the same way, my own life has recently come to a kind of nexus, with many seemingly divergent aspects coming together and building a wholeness not possible without each of the parts. The perfection of the journey becomes much more apparent.

I find myself in new work that is an unexpected consequence of the last couple of decades, work that is a summation of both experience and dreams.  The company is focused on service, with a product line that is fun and educational. The work is fun, creative, and challenging and I’m given near carte blanche.

Through a journey of going within, of opening, of learning to allow and accept what is, not only is the process of awakening supported, but the whole of life awakens too. The pieces of life fall into place – in relationship, home, finance, work – it all blossoms in a perfect dream. Perfect, once you step out of it and can allow it to unfold as it always been.

The news of the world may be full of drama and folly but there is a revealing underway. A revealing that is casting off the old stories of how it is and revealing the truth of expression. And that truth is the flow of a deep happiness, often called bliss.  A flow that splashes into colour and sound and intimacy, forming the world in which we seem to live.

Whats more remarkable still is that this is only the beginning of an unending blossoming in the eternal stillness of our being. A blossoming of happiness playing out on a field of deep peace.

The irony, the cosmic joke, is that many of us have chosen to suffer, chosen to capture ourselves in smallness and limitation then forget it was all for the experience of it. Lost in our own expression. Time to step back and take a look. When you can just step back and admire the view, you get out of the way of it and then the flow can open up and the fullness can express through you. Then the fun really begins. Dreams come to life and life comes to the dream.

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