Some good advice I was forwarded. This was not intended for wide distribution, so I will leave the source anonymous.

“There have been some questions about people coming from different places lately. There is one person who says she will “help you with your problems”. This is very nice and kind but there are no problems. Belief in problems is mind. Mind is not the Reality.

We also heard about people who were channeling ascended masters. “Who” is channeling “who” when all there is is Self flowing within itself? You are the bliss of Silence knowing itself.

Anything that increases Silence and Peace is useful. If someone can help you out of mind and into Self; help lead you to who you really are; help you avoid imaginings and desires by showing you that you have always been complete and full and perfect just are you are — this is an apparent “individual” to listen to. Anyone who helps you out of your limited perspective of a separate “me” by helping you remember your full status as totality is your friend.

Anyone that titillates imaginations and takes you out of your Self, your Silence, your Peace, makes you long for “mind experience” is not your friend. Stay close to those who help lead you and help keep you Home, not those who lead you away from yourSelf into the realms of imagination and mind. The mind is infinite in its capacity to lead you into worlds upon worlds of interesting (to the mind) realms. But, is this leading you Home, or is it enticing you back into mind and away from who you really are? “

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