Lipton and Sheldrake meet

Lipton and Sheldrake meet

Here is a participants response to a recent Axiom conference in Seattle with Bruce Lipton and Rupert Sheldrake:

“A paradigm shift can only occur when there’s an alternate model
provided,” said Rupert Sheldrake at the recent Seattle Axiom dialog
between scientists Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton. “A coming out
movement is what we need to create to break through this taboo in
society [against investigating such phenomenon as telepathy.]” For
certain there were no “taboos” at this Axiom dialog! And most
certainly both scientists, standing as they do at the forefront of a
transfigured view of biology and biochemistry, consciousness and
health, provided the audience food for a paradigm shift. Although they
had been in communication with each other for years, neither scientist
had met the other prior to this event, and their first evening’s
conversation raced from the history of biology to the Human Genome
Project to a lively discussion about the Placebo Effect and how 95% of
the programs that run our lives are unconscious.

Saturday was a full presentation day starting with a brief audience
test for group morphic resonance by Sheldrake. Then he went on to
lucidly cover his theory and research in morphogentic fields that
ranged from studies of simultaneous reactions of groups of cells from
the same organism in petri dishes, to studies of people’s pets and
their abilities to tune into their owners even when separated by
considerable distances. He ended with an impassioned call for global
public participation in online experiments in morphic resonance and
psychism, and a greater acceptance for science “outside the box.”

The amiably coherent Sheldrake was followed by an electric Bruce
Lipton. Lipton took on the topic of the Human Genome Project and the
importance of the genes in human evolution and basically smashed the
scientific status quo positions to a pulp. Genes are the reproductive
organs of the cells, not its brain, as states the regular biologic
theory, he said. The “brain” of the cells is actually its membrane,
which receives information from the fields surrounding and penetrating
it (yes, the morphogenetic information fields Sheldrake talked about).
It is the information signals carried through the membrane – and the
programs in the conscious and unconscious of the individual that
filters those signals – that determines health and evolution, not the

Passionate, comprehensive, electric, packed with information vital to
humanity’s understanding at this point in time in history, Sheldrake
and Lipton made an unforgettable duo – and provided a most excellent
and valuable dialog that it was the audience’s privilege and
opportunity to witness and engage. All I can say is: Encore!!!

Cate Montana

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  1. David

    I’ve seen Dr Lipton several times and 3 of his DVD’ed talks. Its very interesting stuff. And he’s very approachable. He explains how the changes of Quantum Physics are gradually migrating p through the sciences. I have Dr Sheldrakes latest book but have not had a chance to read it yet. They both spoke but on separate days at the Just for the Health of It conference in Vancouver last year. So this year they got a chance to speak together.

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