Pure Devotion

Pure Devotion

On a recent retreat, Lorne Hoff spoke on pure devotion.

This isn’t the devotion of earlier stages of development in the awakening heart. Rather there is continuous devotion when all of creation has become recognized as surrendering to source. After God Realization, we may have united with the divine. What then is there to be devoted to? As Lorne put it, we step into pure devotion, devotion to devotion itself.

I’ve spoken before about how, once Brahman is established, there are no longer stages in consciousness. We have gone beyond even that. What then remains is the progressive refinement and the further unfoldment of the divine.

Lorne suggested that because of this post-consciousness development, Devotion is the highest yoga. All others lead to it.

I’ve spoken prior about the Yogas or paths. We have a tendency to favour certain modalities in our journey but others can become more prominent at certain stages. Even a Gyani (by the intellect) will have some value of Bhakti (devotion) in the God Consciousness stage. But beyond consciousness, what is there but devotion?

Perhaps we might frame it as devotion to knowing or devotion to the divine or devotion to unfolding. But all of this is devotion to itself, devotion to devotion.

Another key aspect of the awakening process is surrender, letting go. The less there is a me trying to control and manage, the more we can recognize we are universal. The more we know ourselves as another aspect of the whole, the more it is a surrendering to itself. As Lorne mentioned, surrender becomes a service so we give devotion to surrender.

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