Being the Now

Being the Now

I notice Lorne and Lucia have posted some new clips on their video channel.

Here’s a bit from a retreat, Being the Now. (I’m one of the people laughing)

On Youtube

Lorne tends to speak quietly, so some of the clips will need turning up the speakers. The most recent clips are from longer talks available for purchase & download from their web site. Handy if you can’t listen to the Sunday evening webcast.

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  1. gayanee

    haha right! But in infinite possibilities we have to agree that there exist those possibilities of fairy tale romances, life and a bride that enjoyed every second of her wedding in total presence 🙂

  2. Oh very much. This is a possibility for everyone. Even “fairy tale” relationships happen where both love each other deeply and are very present to each other.

    But then, I have exalted Venus in the 7th & am told I idealize my partner. (laughs)

    More typically we’re caught by our needs and dramas and the relationship acts more like an unwanted mirror. 🙂

  3. gayanee

    Do you know Dorothy Rowe’s work. I have taken a few webinars with her and according to her even planetary influences and all karma can be changed! I am with her! So you too have the possibility hehe! Here’s to “fairy tale” love and life!

  4. Have heard of her but no.
    Yes. We can soften the impact or resolve things without having to live it out. Also, as we become less attached to our history, the influences shift. Lucia is a jyotishi and indicates we shift more to the Navamsha chart. I still find the larger cycles obvious in life events though.

  5. Michael

    Hi gayanee!

    Just wanted to add my own expierence of mature relationship from my own expierence and those who do real inner work. While the prince/princess is one of the infinite possibilities it seem to come from the unintegrated/unreleased inner child (emotional imprints prior to mental development) When these are released these fantasies are seen for what they are…..childstuff.

    Also when we do a lot of releasing/integration the drive to seek a partner stops (as we are seeking unconsciously to fullfill our unconscious defintion of love and to bemother/befather us).

    When a couple does this work together the partner aspect becomes more a companion aspect. (the clining to the partner is released)

    BTw this has only partialy to do with awakening (most awakened people still flee from the really deeply uncomfortable stuff in their bodies) because we have to open the emotional/energetic and physical body and that is as pleasent as drinking acid 😉 …..however deeply rewarding.

    In my relationship it has cycles of clearing to it…..suddenly we will feel a little disconnected, then having more arguments and at a certain point the load that comes up becomes conscious enough to sit with it until it is released. After that our connection becomes deeper than before and some changes take place (for. ex. she wants to go on a holiday alone which she could not do before). So the old way dies and than comes a new way.
    After that is allways a period of freshness like being newly in love. This happens around two times per year. Everytime our relationship is at risk…..are we willing to face what comes up and fully feel it or are we blaming the other for our internal states? (the choice is very hard as these things are deeply uncomfortable felt-aspects)

    The loads are mostly about mother/father energies, some generall karma and about the imbalances between the male and female energies in our system.

    This can also be worked with directly through practices like gazing into each others eyes with the intention to bring up what blocks true intimacy.

    The more released the less the mirror effect and we start to really see our partner…..

    wrote a lot….hope there is something for you in there 🙂
    All the best

  6. Hi Michael
    While you make some good points and such a process can lead to a profoundly different kind of relationship (with ourselves as well), I’d suggest you sell the relationship potential short.

    The falling away of a needs-driven relationship is a mighty big shift.

    But there’s a whole other style of relationship that can flower out of this process where the partner becomes a vehicle for expressing divine love.

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