An Index

An Index

This blog has been a blend of posts on films, books, interesting articles, a discussion of the process of Self-knowledge, and my own journey.

I’ve used Categories to help classify articles but a number of the key points are somewhat buried. Blogs are by nature focused on the most recent items. While they nicely cross-link, they don’t have priority settings, other than most popular.

As a result, I’ve assembled an Index of key articles if you would like to explore background to what you may find here. See the new “Key Posts” Page link on the right. You can follow links within those articles to explore further. Also, look in the Comments section of articles for links to posts written later.

This serves as a reflection of my recent journey. I have shared a little of what I have learned, what might be relevant for your own journey. It was true for me at the time I wrote it. As Ruiz says, this is just my story so don’t believe it. But you may find something of value for yourself.

Our quality of life is a reflection of our personal story of the world so you have every reason to edit the story and change beliefs. Just don’t forget it’s a story. That is the trap. Step outside the box and it’s much easier to change. And a lot more fun.

Have fun.

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