White Raven

White Raven

There are rich legends in these parts about the Raven. How he stole the sun, moon and stars and put them where they are now. I have a copper engraving of Raven stealing the moon. Another story tells us how Raven came to be black:

“According to legend, Raven was originally white and had a beautiful voice. Unfortunately, the Gods were unhappy with the greed and corruption on earth and decided to take away the fire. Without heat, the earth was turning into a frigid hell. Raven volunteered to fly to the sun and bring back the fire. Up he flew with a branch in his bill. As he neared the sun his feathers were all singed and his larynx was half-cooked, but the branch ignited. Raven returned to earth a hero, but became shy and reclusive because of his blackened feathers and the loss of his beautiful voice. From that day on, all Ravens were black, but occasionally a white offspring is born to remind everyone of the great sacrifice made by Raven.”

This site has photos of several white ravens in the Qualicum area on Vancouver Island, off the southwest coast of BC.

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