Well, it seems talk of God is not so popular. (laughs)

I recently passed the 1,000 blog posts milestone. And I’ve begun organizing to come back to the old book project, this time as a series rather than one mega-book. More news, as it develops…


[UPDATE – I’ve had a few questions about the writing. A blog is a great way to talk about specific ideas. But to communicate a larger overview about the evolution of awareness, the nature of reality, and the structure of existence is beyond the scope of a few hundred word article.

While I write in the context of the blog as a whole, unless you are a regular reader, some of it is coming out of context. I’ve organized some of the main points into “Key Posts” (on the right) but this is sill just snippets and bits rather than a cohesive overview. A longer format allows one to explore the ideas in a broader way.

I spent half of 2007 writing as part of my own process. In fact, this blog started as a way to “test the waters”. But the resulting tome was too large and dense. The approach I’m going to try now is a series, focusing on one area, each building on the previous. ]

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