A Third Conversation with Andrew Hewson

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Andrew and I first had a conversation with Dorothy Rowe last fall, then followed up with just the two of us in conversation on the stages of enlightenment. In December Andrew and I had a second conversation. And now, we’ve had another wide-ranging discussion. The focus was primarily of the refinement of perception, healing, and the unfolding of the layers of Divinity (the topic of my 2nd dissertation). On Youtube

The Backstory

Remember When by Normalityrelief

On this blog, I’ve talked about past lives and karma many times. I started remembering prior lives back in the early ’80’s during a period of major challenges (karma). In the Shadbhava article, I talked about the 6 houses or influences we bring into this life: 3 from the bloodline, 3 from prior lives. Yet I hadn’t quite put together that we can carry energetic burdens from both lines. Most discussions on karma relate only to prior lives. Dorothy Rowe talks about ancestral healing of the family baggage passed down, sometimes for generations. You can recognize family “inheritances” through repeating … Continue Reading…


Division by Candi

In the unfolding of creation, awareness becomes self-aware in every layer. This leads to spaces within spaces as the process steps forward into the world of form and phenomena. Like a set of Russian dolls, only the outer layers are progressively more subtle and diffuse. However, this process gets exaggerated by the sense of separation, of being a distinct individual. It’s natural to recognize our distinctions from others. It’s part of our maturation as a person and the function of the intellect. However, when that is all we recognize as self, it leads to greater division and the mayiya mala, … Continue Reading…

A Conversation on Bypassing


The Association for Spiritual Integrity (ASI) is holding a series of peer-to-peer discussions. In this conversation, Craig Holliday, a spiritual teacher and therapist, and I discuss how spiritual practices and concepts can be used to escape from the world or our unresolved trauma. Neither of us was happy with the quality of the recorded video so we may have a second conversation. I wrote about the ASI when they launched last fall. Other peer-to-peer discussions can be found on the ASI blog. Davidya

The Tales of Our Past

As I touched on in The Subconscious, the residues of our long past’s incomplete experiences leave latent impressions and desires. We experience subconscious impulses from our unknown past that over-ride our normal sense. While these are drivers seeking a way to find completion, they can show up as unhealthy or inappropriate actions that cause us trouble. Not knowing from where these arise and wanting the security of a sense of control, the ego makes a story about our behavior. “Oh, I’m just bad with money” or “I never did understand men.” When the observing witness comes on-line and we become … Continue Reading…

Sofia Panel Discussion

During the Science and Nonduality pre-conference, Rick Archer organized a large panel discussion at Sofia University. From the left: Laurie Moore, Susanne Marie, Mariana Caplan, Dana Sawyer, Francis Bennett, Craig Holliday (speaking), Kristin Kirk, Rick Archer (moderator), Clare Blanchflower, myself, Chuck Hillig, David Ellzey, Kiran, and Jeffery Martin (host). Canela Michelle Meyers arrived during the afternoon session. She was seated on the left. Most of the group are prior BATGAP interviewees and many where speaking at SAND. The panel was too large and long to do at SAND itself so Jeffery offered us Sofia in nearby Palo Alto. For links … Continue Reading…


There is a subtle but profound difference between simple acting and efforting. Hawkins called this Power vs Force. Our culture celebrates individual effort but does not discriminate between these. The result is many people trying to control and force things, largely leading to frustration, anger, and other forms of suffering. The key is action, but learning to be in the flow or current. Learning to work with nature rather than against her. Sometimes we have to dial up the power, but only to move through. If we instead try to force our way through nature, we push against an obstacle … Continue Reading…