Satsang in Utah


As regular readers know, I occasionally give talks in various venues like a conference or a church. Michael Speight, a fellow BATGAP interviewee, has invited me to give a 2 part-satsang near Ogden, Utah later this month. It’s scheduled for Friday evening April 26 and Saturday morning April 27 followed by a potluck lunch. If you are in the area, you’re welcome to join us. Contact Michael for details and directions through the Contact form on his website. [Update] We’ll be recording the talks so I should be able to share them later. Davidya

Our Natural Potential talk @ SAND15

In October, I gave a Stages in Consciousness talk at the Science and Nonduality conference. Here is the talk synopsis. I was introduced by Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump fame. His talk had preceded mine and, on agreement, ran partly into the break between our talks. This meant people where still transitioning in and out as my talk began. My opening reference to Rick’s style is because he read his large talk to cover the content while mine was unrehearsed. I had a lot to cover so also rolled quickly. There where 8 concurrent tracks at the … Continue Reading…

Some SAND Stories

Some SAND Stories

Rick Archer is quite the networker. He was connecting people throughout the conference. It started long before the conference but began in person in the San Francisco airport where a group of us gathered and carpooled to San Jose. We came from the Canadian west coast, Amsterdam, the US midwest, the east coast, and the south. The next day was dominated by the panel discussion, shot in 2 parts of about 5 hours total. (that will be on-line when it’s ready) We were there about 9 hours plus some of us for setup the day before. I also got to … Continue Reading…


Welcome to the latest subscribers. There has been a lot going on that people are asking about, so I thought I’d post a small update. The BATGAP interview has had a largely warm reception. There have been several thousand views and an even larger number of podcast listeners so far. This has brought a large spike in traffic here and a wave of new subscribers. This week, I’ll be traveling to San Jose, CA for the Science and Nonduality conference. Over 1,000 are registered and they’ve sold out both hotels. On Thursday, I’ll be spending much of the day on … Continue Reading…