A Second Conversation with Andrew Hewson

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In September, Dorothy Rowe, Andrew Hewson and I spoke about Perspectives of Awakening. Andrew and I followed that up with a conversation on the stages of enlightenment. We both enjoyed the conversation so had another one. This time we explored the dismissal of stages, the value of understanding the bigger picture, issues with a masculine / renunciate emphasis, healing, surfacing, right action, integrating after awakening, and talking to the family about the changes. On YouTube

Styles of Enlightenment

As readers of this blog know, I explore various ways of looking at how enlightenment or spiritual awakening is lived. Here, I don’t mean how the changes are experienced but rather the styles of embodying it. The container we experience those changes through. Here is a brief list of some of the distinctions that come to mind: 1) Orientation – Householder or Renunciate 2) Emphasis – Consciousness and Energy 3) Path – Intellect, Heart, and Body 4) Dominant Sense – sight, hearing, touch 5) Lifestyle and Philosophy – how we apply the above 6) Stage & Cycle – our current … Continue Reading…