Brahman Plus

Brahman, photo by Drew Coffman

This article spins out of a discussion in comments on Is Brahman God, an article from November 2014. All experiences and the world arise from consciousness interacting with itself. For a materialist that sees consciousness as a byproduct of the physical brain, this may seem delusional and ridiculous. And yet if we undertake an experiential study of consciousness itself, we soon experience consciousness by itself. This is known as samadhi or turiya. It gradually becomes clear that consciousness is not a byproduct but is the source of experience. The mind and brain are vehicles for that process, supporting and functioning … Continue Reading…

A Conversation with Andrew Hewson on the Stages of Enlightenment


After our conversation with Dorothy Rowe earlier this month, Andrew Hewson suggested we have another conversation ourselves. We explored the stages of enlightenment and some variations in terminology around the topics. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did. On YouTube

Purest Divinity

First, lets explore what I mean by pure Divinity here. This is beyond form, beyond vibration, beyond silent being, beyond consciousness, and beyond Brahman. It is Divinity in its purity, unconstrained and uncreated. We can consider our experience of consciousness for comparison. We can explore the layers and dynamics of consciousness and consciousness aware of itself globally and at every point. But pure consciousness is just that: consciousness, quietly alert in its own nature. Pure Divinity is similar but deeper – beyond all forms and phenomena yet bathing everything in its presence. How we come to know it is by … Continue Reading…

Divinity – The Power and The Glory

Before awakening, we engage in self development. This is a person getting to know its strengths and limitations and moving towards self-actualization. Most people are oblivious to their own cosmic nature. After awakening and throughout the development of the stages of Self Realization (Cosmic Consciousness) and Unity, the focus shifts to infinite and eternal consciousness. This is discovering our deeper nature and its dynamics. It is consciousness getting to know itself in essence, then in forms and phenomena. And yet, just as the person obscured our deeper nature, the screen of consciousness acts as a covering (Chhandas) for what is … Continue Reading…