Book Updated

      Recently, I got back into the text of Our Natural Potential to tidy a few typos, update a few small things, and add a glossary. The content is basically the same except for the glossary (and a number in the subtitle). The updates have been posted and will spread through the various outlets over the next day or so. Davidya      

Our Natural Potential Officially Launched!

Our Natural Potential is officially available everywhere today, Wednesday October 11. Those of you who pre-ordered the Kindle version should see it show up on your Kindle. Print and other ebook pre-orders will now ship or become available. And the weirdness with what was available where will settle out. If you have read the book, I would appreciate an on-line review. Book exposure is driven by sales and reviews. I’m assembling a Reviews page so potential readers can see others feedback. If you want to let me know of your review, I’d appreciate that too. Thanks! Davidya

Our Natural Potential Book Launch Event

Our Natural Potential Book Launch Event

On October 11, the official launch date of the book Our Natural Potential, I’ll be holding a small celebration and talk. If you happen to be in the Comox Valley, you are most welcome to join us.If not, the book will be available through most suppliers that day. Have a little treat to celebrate with us. 🙂 The launch event: Courtenay library Oct 11, 2017 6 pm – 7:30 pm 300 6th St., Courtenay, BC in the Reading room. Directions I have more news to come of further developments.

The Book is in Distribution

The printed proofs came this week and looked good. This was the last major hurdle for the book’s release. It’s remarkable to hold an actual book after all these years. The official release date for the book is October 11. It’s now available for pre-order on Amazon*, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and other outlets though I notice some variability yet on different sites. It’s being distributed to over 70 retailers around the world. I’m not sure it will do as well in the medical or Christian specialty stores though. 🙂 More Info about the book. I’m having a launch event … Continue Reading…